Sunday, November 1, 2009

Carving Pumpkin Time

We decided to crave Sidnee's 1st Pumpkin it turned out great....lots of fun can't wait till she gets bigger and she can really help.....looking forward to that...

Baby Sidnee!!!

We are sitting in a high chair now and eating solids....thought u would enjoy some feeding pics

Yummy for the Tummy

Downdown Disney

We decided to go to Downdown Disney and take sidnee to dinner....We went shopping, walked around and enjoyed the awesome weather...And u would never believe it, it would be the day she would sit in a high chair for the first time by herself....we could not believe it...time is going by fast and she keeps getting bigger!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

July 4th...

So for Sidnee's Baptism someone gave her this july 4th dress so i decided to
take her to get july 4th pictures and sure enough it turned out awesome like
always....i just love this picture of her and her beautiful smile.....
She is do adorable....i can never get enough pictures of her.....

Update on Sidnee

So I recently got a new computer so now i can upload new pictures of
Sidnee. So here are some new pictures that have been taken at Jcpenny
We got there every month and get her pictures done.....

These were done for her baptism......

This is her recent 6 month picture.....she is now 7 months so those will be coming soon

I love this one my mom got her these cute socks that i just cannot get over....
they look so cute with her outfit

When my mom came down for the baptism she got here this dress
so i had to take pictures of her in there u go!!!!

My cousin Julie got here this out and i loved it so much....its cute jeans and a strip
shirt which i love because its not pink of course and its the jeans...

Sidnee sitting up...she is such a big girl now

Once again my mom bought sidnee this outfit its so dang cute i just love it...
this is one of my favorite pictures of her....I like how they did this little collage of picutes

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mom and Daughter

It's always nice to put a picture of me and my mom of the few pictures we have taken being that every time we get together we are so busy doing other things we forget to get a nice mom and daughter picture thought i would post one up....So do u think we look alike? I actually think i am turning into my mother...hhahahaha how is that possible....I love u mother!!!!

Auntie Rue and her new Grandson....

My cousin Raymi just had a baby boy named Keoni adorable went to see him in the hospital and he weighed 6lbs 7 ounces just like Sidnee...when i was holding him could not believe how tiny he was and at one time Sidnee weighed that much i just can't remember that its so crazy....he is so cute and already growing this picture with grandma rue and him he looks already much bigger since i seen him in the u Keoni...need to visit u soon...

Sidnee and Grandma!!!

My mom was lucky enough to get some time away from the Dairy and fly down to see her granddaughter for 2 the time sure went by fast and before u knew it it was time for her to go home...Before she said goodbye we had to snap a picture with her and Sidnee...Sidnee was 6 months at the time....She sure is getting big and BIG...

Sidnee's Baptism Cont....

I figured i better finish getting pictures up from Sidnee's baptism.....i am so behind in my blog posting but i will get are some pictures from her special day with family...that was such a wonderful day we shared with our daughter....time goes by so daughter is now 7 months pictures of her coming soon..

The three amigos with baby sidnee
Daddy and Sidnee Marie

The godparents of Sidnee...Sandra Angel and Aldo Ruiz

Such a beautiful picture

Tony, Sidnee, my dad, and I

The Family!

Mom and Step dad...glad u both could make it

Sidnee getting ready for her dad with her godparents/ u guys

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sidnee's Baptism

This was my first real party that I put together all by myself for my daughters Sidnee's Baptism. We live in a Condo and we used the Clubhouse to have our family and friends come over and celebrate. I wanted to decorate the party in Spring colors so I used a lot of PINK of course. It was a yet so cute and simple. And more than I even expected!
For my first party no bad I would say....
I didn't really have to add much to this party being the clubhouse along is very nicely decorated. I rented tables and chairs. Add pink tablecloths and centerpieces to the tables. I tried dressing the plastic tablecloths up by tieing bows on all four corners of the tables. Made it have a more fancy feel.

These centerpieces were fun to make because they were beyond easy and cheap. I found these adorable flower pots at the dollar tree for a dollar. I went to Lowes and purchased two 6 package bundle of assorted flowers along with a small bag of soil. I planted the two cute pink and white flowers in the pots added a little water and there you go.
A couple weeks prior to the Baptism I had some professional pictures done of Sidnee. So I placed wallet size pictures on a skewer with tape and poked it into the soil. That way who ever took home this adorable centerpiece was able to have a picture of Sidnee too.
I truly fell in love with this centerpieces. It just added such a special touch to the party.
Don't you just love anything that comes easy and cheap? I do!!


For desserts my family and I made assorted cupcakes, brownies, and cross sugar cookies that guest could help themselves to at any time.
For favors we had a friend make chocolate cover rise kripies on a stick that had white crosses on them that guests could take home with them. The basket sat on the dessert table. Everyone took one as they were leaving.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sidnee's Baptism Dress

This is Sidnee's baptism dress that my mother made...She said it was a lot of work and it was like making doll clothes. But she had a great time doing it. I know grandma would of loved to see this dress. She will be wearing this and a big flower head band on Sunday for church can't wait to see her in it.

She put so much detail into this dress. It has pink beeding on it and I love the shimmery material she used. It makes it so modern..hahaha

It looks longer than u think it really looks so big in this picture and it really is not that funny that is...

The Cutest Outfits for Sidnee

So as we all know the baptism is coming up this Sunday for Sidnee which me and tony are very excited for. My mom will be flying down this Saturday and before she gets here she sent me pictures of two outfits that she bought Sidnee. I have to say they are so dang adorable so I had to show them off to the family and friends before she gets to wear them. I am going to put Sidnee in one of them after church cause i do not want to mess up her beautiful baptism dress that was made especially by my mother. Enjoy!

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