Monday, August 10, 2009

Sidnee's Baptism

This was my first real party that I put together all by myself for my daughters Sidnee's Baptism. We live in a Condo and we used the Clubhouse to have our family and friends come over and celebrate. I wanted to decorate the party in Spring colors so I used a lot of PINK of course. It was a yet so cute and simple. And more than I even expected!
For my first party no bad I would say....
I didn't really have to add much to this party being the clubhouse along is very nicely decorated. I rented tables and chairs. Add pink tablecloths and centerpieces to the tables. I tried dressing the plastic tablecloths up by tieing bows on all four corners of the tables. Made it have a more fancy feel.

These centerpieces were fun to make because they were beyond easy and cheap. I found these adorable flower pots at the dollar tree for a dollar. I went to Lowes and purchased two 6 package bundle of assorted flowers along with a small bag of soil. I planted the two cute pink and white flowers in the pots added a little water and there you go.
A couple weeks prior to the Baptism I had some professional pictures done of Sidnee. So I placed wallet size pictures on a skewer with tape and poked it into the soil. That way who ever took home this adorable centerpiece was able to have a picture of Sidnee too.
I truly fell in love with this centerpieces. It just added such a special touch to the party.
Don't you just love anything that comes easy and cheap? I do!!


For desserts my family and I made assorted cupcakes, brownies, and cross sugar cookies that guest could help themselves to at any time.
For favors we had a friend make chocolate cover rise kripies on a stick that had white crosses on them that guests could take home with them. The basket sat on the dessert table. Everyone took one as they were leaving.

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