Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on Sidnee

So I recently got a new computer so now i can upload new pictures of
Sidnee. So here are some new pictures that have been taken at Jcpenny
We got there every month and get her pictures done.....

These were done for her baptism......

This is her recent 6 month picture.....she is now 7 months so those will be coming soon

I love this one my mom got her these cute socks that i just cannot get over....
they look so cute with her outfit

When my mom came down for the baptism she got here this dress
so i had to take pictures of her in there u go!!!!

My cousin Julie got here this out and i loved it so much....its cute jeans and a strip
shirt which i love because its not pink of course and its the jeans...

Sidnee sitting up...she is such a big girl now

Once again my mom bought sidnee this outfit its so dang cute i just love it...
this is one of my favorite pictures of her....I like how they did this little collage of picutes

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