Monday, May 17, 2010

Sidnee's 1st birthday

We made it to "one"
We just moved into our new house, things are crazy and my beautiful daughter just turned one. Where did the time go.
Things were hectic and planning a one year old birthday party when my house was a mess, we just moved, and really didn't have much furniture was hard.
Was I really ready for this?
Did my family really care that my house was messy, things were put together that I had everything on the wall, furniture in place....
not really they were coming for my little girl.
So I threw together a Minnie Mouse party in no time. It didn't compare much to her Baptism. But all that mattered was family and friends were there to share this special day with her.
Here are some fun pictures from Sidnee's 1st birthday...
She had a blast and by the end of the night was exhausted...we are so blessed to have this lil one in our life..
Hope you enjoy as much as I did...I didn't get much photos cause I was too busy having a blast.

and to top it off it was raining a little...bummer I know...when there is close to 75 people coming to your home...
ya I know 75 people...we have big families what can I say!!!

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