Friday, March 30, 2012

Its Friday

Well I made it to friday....

So I thought I might show off my carseat cover that I had to have for Avalynn. I was a lil to late getting one for Sidnee so that was for sure on my list to have my baby girl rolling in style. And let me tell u she does.

I so really wanted this 600 dollar carseat cover but I just could not get the courage to spend that much money I mean they were totally awesome but maybe next time hahahah =) So instead I went for of a reasonable price on etsy. This lady custom makes them for your carseat so it fits perfectly. And it wasnt even a forth of the price of a 600 dollar one. And it sounded better to me. So this is what I ended up with. A pink and black damask cover. Im so in love with it. Having girls you can just go crazy with all this detail stuff it really does break your wallet.

Lil miss Avalynn rolling in style.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update on Miss Avalynn

Time is flying by and Ava is alomost 3 months old I just cannot believe it where does time ago. Over these months I think she has gained more than enough weight she is sure our lil chubby wubby. I love how chubby she is I just want to squeeze her all the time. She's such a doll

My lil diva in pink

always gives mommy a smile

I just want to pinch her cheeks

loving my lil one in yellow

I been pretty much taking a picture of her everyday but really do I think that will all fit in her 1 yr scrapbook uhh probably not. But I love pictures and she has so many clothes that are so adorable I feel like I can't miss a day. Before long I really gonna have to bit the bullet and buy me a nice camera...just another thing on my bucket list.

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Cake Time

Where did the weekend go I felt like it just flew on by and seriously I really didn't accomplish anything. Rather I partied my lil booty off with my kids at birthday parties chasing Sidnee around while she goes to one jumper to the toys to the food to the cake and so on. Im exhausted!!!!

A weekend in Villalpando House consists of going to family parties. Every weekend we have a party to go to. Everybody knows my husband has the biggest family of mankind and than add mine and our friends and there goes the whole year of celebrating birthdays.

So the last months or should I say 6 months I been into making cakes. I have taken 1 cake class and kind of just spinned off that. My goal was to learn how to make somewhat okay cakes so I could make them every year for my girls birthday. So they could look back at all the wonderful cakes I did for them and it will be something special they will always remember.

Here are a couple cakes I have made for family and in my class and ya okay I need more work but give me time I will get there......

 Those three cakes where made in my level 1 cake class. I learned how to do make flowers which are kind of difficult to make. I love the beatle bug we made we used chocolate cover dounts for the tires.

This was Sidnees 2nd birthday Dora cake I made all by myself for the first time. I used buttercream frosting, chocolate cake and bananas for filling cause Sidnee loves bananas. I used the buttercream frosting from sams club. Anyone that does cakes u can buy frosting in bulk at sams club in the bakery section its so aweome. And u have to use frosting that is very still so u can decorate.There frosting is so delicious.

This was a jungle theme cake I made for my cousin Julies son Dirkson for his 1st birthday.

One of my favorites a baseball cake I made for my nephews 16th birthday.

And the last one I recently made for my niece and nephews luau party.

Cakes are so popular and add so much to a party I am looking forward to taking more classes and getting better at this oh ya I am!!!! More cakes to come lookout everyone.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sidnee's 3rd Birthday

January was a busy month not only was Avalynn born January 3rd Sidnee's 3rd birthday was January 26th. And ya I know I totally didn't plan that out good. I am for sure hoping to have my next lil bundle of joy fall in the summer so its way more spread out. But hey you can't plan everything in life! But u can darn well try =)

For Sidnee's 3rd birthday she wanted to do the theme Tangled its such a great movie and I recomend it to anyone I mean hey my husband loves to watch it. And when Ava was born my auntie Toniette and Uncle Marty would come over and visit and my uncle Marty was even into it so it must be pretty good....hahaha... Being the crazy, perfectionsit, control freak I am I decided to throw Sidnee and big 3rd birthday bash being only having the baby 3 weeks early and yes I know I am totally crazy but hey I love my daughter and she well deserves it and plus I love to throw a party.

I decided to do a dessert bar including all kinds of goodies for the guest it turned out great but lots of work....

 I ordered these rapunzel tages from etsy...they were adorable and went with the theme

 I made brownies and used a cookie cutter to cut them out in flower shapes. I saw pink chocolate cookies on pinterest so I decided to use my own cookie recipe and add red food coloring to them to make them pink..

pretzels and rice krispies dipped in chocolate along with photos of sidnee to add to the decor

I love cupcakes and homemade buttercream frosting my all time favorite..tags r from etsy as well

Along with the dessert bar i went all out in decorations including chair ties I made from pink tule, table cloths, centerpieces, lanterns that were a big part of the movie, a jumper for the kids, bubbles, a table full of rice for kids to play with, and a painting station. Here are some more favorite pictures from the party.

My lil princess for the day.

My centerpieces that i made out of cupcakes, cookies, fondant and a butterfly tin to put them in that i got at the dollar store.

My chair ties i made out of pink tule, the kids playing with the rice that  i colored different colors got that idea from pinteret. I will do that again that was a hit the kids love it

My cousin surprised me with this container of bubbles for the kids to play in. She decorated it with putting flowers in the bottom and naming it sids suds...i was in love she is the best cousin ever

These were the girl goodie bags that i got at the dollar store along with the flowers and i hot glued them on with a lil bling bling to it...inside was candy a princess book and rings.

 We have lots of family and friends that made this day special. And this wasn't everyone!!!

Sidnee hitting the pinata always wanting all the attention thats my daughter

Our lil family

the lanterns

And last but not least princess ava looking her finest was a doll she is...she pretty much slept the entire party and miss the awesome event. Sorry for the long post wanted to get in all the party and everything that went into it so i can show it all off u guys...hope u enjoy

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Stork....

Its Monday morning and I'm so ready for this week. Counting my blessings and looking forwarded to a wonderful week ahead of me. So since I'm still back tracking with my post I thought I would post something that my husband did for me the day me and Avalynn arrived home from the hospital. I been seeing it around my neighborhood and told my husband about it and there it was in front of my house when we arrived home. A stork!!! It was adorable with Ava's name on it her birth weight, inches, and date along with the saying "Pround sister Sidnee" A big thanks so my hubby

This is such a cute idea and total recomend it to any mommy out there expecting. I'm such a proud mommy and showing her off is what I do best. The upside of this was now all my neighbors knew the baby was here and it was a GIRL and came over and showered her with many gifts. 

The website to get the stork is at and there are so many other rentals as well.

Maybe one day that stork will be sitting in my front lawn again =)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Where have I been? Its been way to long that I have not kept up with my blog so I thought why not on this windy rainy day in march in cali that I would get to posting. Life has been sweeping me by and with a new adddition to the family it makes life even more crazy. Avalynn was born January 3 wieghing 5 pounds 10 ounces 18 inches long. She was a tiny lil thing! Coming a whole two weeks early I guess walking for hours at Disneyland by the pressure of my cousin Ronda hahah... getting me to go being 9 months pregnant triggered that lil girl to come early.

Lil Avalynn is here and healthy as can be...she is such are true lil blessing we are so in love again...My mom came down to help for weeks thank you thank you and while she was down Ava being 6 days old we went to talk pictures of this lil girl along with my other beauty Sidnee here are a couple amazing pictues a big thanks to barefoot photography capturing my girls. Moments like this make me so proud and blessed to have such beautiful lil girls in my life...Here are some of the beautiful pictures that were taken by Tina..I can't keep looking at them!!!

Everyone who saw this picture of Ava in the gumballs there reactions were??? is she really in there and the answer is yes she is really in there but only for a second and she loved it cause she is all swaddled up tight...and for the second she was in there this beautiful pic we got and so well worth of my favorites....

so much more to post to the story of what all the fun and wondeful things that have been happening in the villalpando house but im pretty sure its going to take weeks to catch up..

Hope everyone had a great weekend...looking forwarded to Monday the start of a great week! And lots to accomplish
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