Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Cake Time

Where did the weekend go I felt like it just flew on by and seriously I really didn't accomplish anything. Rather I partied my lil booty off with my kids at birthday parties chasing Sidnee around while she goes to one jumper to the toys to the food to the cake and so on. Im exhausted!!!!

A weekend in Villalpando House consists of going to family parties. Every weekend we have a party to go to. Everybody knows my husband has the biggest family of mankind and than add mine and our friends and there goes the whole year of celebrating birthdays.

So the last months or should I say 6 months I been into making cakes. I have taken 1 cake class and kind of just spinned off that. My goal was to learn how to make somewhat okay cakes so I could make them every year for my girls birthday. So they could look back at all the wonderful cakes I did for them and it will be something special they will always remember.

Here are a couple cakes I have made for family and in my class and ya okay I need more work but give me time I will get there......

 Those three cakes where made in my level 1 cake class. I learned how to do make flowers which are kind of difficult to make. I love the beatle bug we made we used chocolate cover dounts for the tires.

This was Sidnees 2nd birthday Dora cake I made all by myself for the first time. I used buttercream frosting, chocolate cake and bananas for filling cause Sidnee loves bananas. I used the buttercream frosting from sams club. Anyone that does cakes u can buy frosting in bulk at sams club in the bakery section its so aweome. And u have to use frosting that is very still so u can decorate.There frosting is so delicious.

This was a jungle theme cake I made for my cousin Julies son Dirkson for his 1st birthday.

One of my favorites a baseball cake I made for my nephews 16th birthday.

And the last one I recently made for my niece and nephews luau party.

Cakes are so popular and add so much to a party I am looking forward to taking more classes and getting better at this oh ya I am!!!! More cakes to come lookout everyone.....

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  1. Can you bake me a cake and mail it all the way from Cali? Amazing!


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