Friday, March 30, 2012

Its Friday

Well I made it to friday....

So I thought I might show off my carseat cover that I had to have for Avalynn. I was a lil to late getting one for Sidnee so that was for sure on my list to have my baby girl rolling in style. And let me tell u she does.

I so really wanted this 600 dollar carseat cover but I just could not get the courage to spend that much money I mean they were totally awesome but maybe next time hahahah =) So instead I went for of a reasonable price on etsy. This lady custom makes them for your carseat so it fits perfectly. And it wasnt even a forth of the price of a 600 dollar one. And it sounded better to me. So this is what I ended up with. A pink and black damask cover. Im so in love with it. Having girls you can just go crazy with all this detail stuff it really does break your wallet.

Lil miss Avalynn rolling in style.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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  1. Now that is a carseat cover!! Love all the frills that come with little girls! Maybe someday...:)


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