Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Where have I been? Its been way to long that I have not kept up with my blog so I thought why not on this windy rainy day in march in cali that I would get to posting. Life has been sweeping me by and with a new adddition to the family it makes life even more crazy. Avalynn was born January 3 wieghing 5 pounds 10 ounces 18 inches long. She was a tiny lil thing! Coming a whole two weeks early I guess walking for hours at Disneyland by the pressure of my cousin Ronda hahah... getting me to go being 9 months pregnant triggered that lil girl to come early.

Lil Avalynn is here and healthy as can be...she is such are true lil blessing we are so in love again...My mom came down to help for weeks thank you thank you and while she was down Ava being 6 days old we went to talk pictures of this lil girl along with my other beauty Sidnee here are a couple amazing pictues a big thanks to barefoot photography capturing my girls. Moments like this make me so proud and blessed to have such beautiful lil girls in my life...Here are some of the beautiful pictures that were taken by Tina..I can't keep looking at them!!!

Everyone who saw this picture of Ava in the gumballs there reactions were??? is she really in there and the answer is yes she is really in there but only for a second and she loved it cause she is all swaddled up tight...and for the second she was in there this beautiful pic we got and so well worth of my favorites....

so much more to post to the story of what all the fun and wondeful things that have been happening in the villalpando house but im pretty sure its going to take weeks to catch up..

Hope everyone had a great weekend...looking forwarded to Monday the start of a great week! And lots to accomplish

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