Monday, March 19, 2012

The Stork....

Its Monday morning and I'm so ready for this week. Counting my blessings and looking forwarded to a wonderful week ahead of me. So since I'm still back tracking with my post I thought I would post something that my husband did for me the day me and Avalynn arrived home from the hospital. I been seeing it around my neighborhood and told my husband about it and there it was in front of my house when we arrived home. A stork!!! It was adorable with Ava's name on it her birth weight, inches, and date along with the saying "Pround sister Sidnee" A big thanks so my hubby

This is such a cute idea and total recomend it to any mommy out there expecting. I'm such a proud mommy and showing her off is what I do best. The upside of this was now all my neighbors knew the baby was here and it was a GIRL and came over and showered her with many gifts. 

The website to get the stork is at and there are so many other rentals as well.

Maybe one day that stork will be sitting in my front lawn again =)

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