Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Avalynn Rose 3 Months Old

I cant believe it!!!! Ava is already 3 months old where does the time go. This little girl continues to fill our house up with lots of love and she is such a true lil blessing.

Since my daughter was born I decided to make tradition of having a cake for her every month till she is 1 years old. The first year of her life is so special so why not celebrate every month and plus my lil sidnee LOVES cake and she enjoys that we do it every month. Since I been taking cake classes I been making her cake every month except for the 1st month.

So not in love with this cake but she was only a month and I was so tired I ran to the store and just bought what they had. Ava's 1st month!!! Dosent even know whats going on ASLEEP

It wasn't till the second month that I decided to put roses on her cake for every month being her middle name is rose. I got this idea from a friend and loved it. So bummed I wish i got a cake with a single rose for the first month but oh well.

My lil precious doll is 3 months old gosh she is so adorable. This is going to be such a sweet memory to look back at her every month.

Along with the every month pictures taken with a cake I get her pictures done professionally every month along with every hoilday this way i have great pictures for her scrapbook I did the same for Sidnee. Soon I will post pics of Sidnee's aweosme scrapbook! Now I just need to get started on this lil one's.

Big Sissy and Lil Sissy

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