Thursday, April 26, 2012


My friends are always asking me to do desserts for this them either for a wedding or parties. So not long ago my friend wanted me to make goodies for her brothers weddign that were red, white and black. So I helped her out and made dipped pretzels, dipped marshmellows, dipped oreos on a stick and rice krispies with chocolate on them. It was a last mintue kind of thing. So I put this together real fast so they could add more lovely desserts to their dessert table. These whole dessert tables are getting a lil too big and require way to much work but in the end look amazing.

This was fairly cheap all I did was go to Michaels to buy the different color melts, melted it into the microwave and dipped away. The key to putting oreos on a stick u need to put them in the freezer then dip so they don't fall apart. I wrapped them in lil bags u can also get at craft store and tied with ribbon. But other than that if u need a quick easy thing to add to a party start dipping away.

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