Tuesday, April 24, 2012


For the last couple of months I been taking Sidnee to Gymboree. And if you haven't heard of gymboree its actually a children's clothing store you probably seen it on a trip to the mall. Well the gymboree has strated a play gym for children newborn up to preshcool to go and learn and play in a gym filled with lots things to climb on. We go every Tuesday and each week its a different theme. This week was about cooking so they read u a book, bring out things to pretend to cook, and each station of the gym is different places to cook and so forth. Its great for kids it helps them with motor skills and socializing, listening to the teacher, sharing, and using there imagination. Sidnee loves it! She has a couple months left and she is on to preschool.  Anyone with kids should look into its great and ur children will love it.

Here's miss Sidnee posing in front of the gym!

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  1. I'm totally looking into this! Thanks for sharing!


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