Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Monday!

They weekend was just not long enough....Back to the grind today and let me say I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't feel like cleaning, doing lanudry, cooking, picking up toys, and running around town today. Thank goodness for cartoons cause this morning my girls were occupied while I kept dosing off in sleep. What would I do without Mickey Mouse Club and Dora. Sometimes u just have to sit ur children in front of the TV so u can get some quiet time. And this morning was just that day.

So I thought I post the last of my easter pics that I yet haven't put up. Easter was awesome this year with my family. Nothing is better in life than spending time with the fam bam and let me tell u I have an awesome family.

My cousins went all out this year with decorations for our easter party...they took pinterest to the extreme should I say. This is a long post but I wanted to show off all my cousins hard work and there such great ideas you might want to try them.

The centerpieces

Cake pops done by a this idea gonna use this for my soon to be sister n laws shower. U take foam from Michaels and wrap it with whatever color wrapping paper u want and stick in the cake pops. I am going to do that to display the cake and desserts for the dessert table I am doing to bring in height...Beautiful display...

My mini cupcakes I made and bunny tier I brought to display them on....

more made out of paper love htis idea to told my cousin we need to make this for my girls parties.

centerpieces...such a great centerpiece all from dollar that place u can find awesome stuff for parties I have no idea what I would do without that place for my girls parties....

eggs they made that hung from patio with lights...and the egg garland in the background. They got these ideas from pinterest as well

my auntie and Ava girl

I love this egg wreath they made I just wanted to steal this from them another pinterest idea....Nicky or should I say frank make me one PLEASE!!!!!

My cousin and Ava

easter egg candles they made that went on food table

Ava and Jose

Sidnee ready to go find eggs....

Go Sidnee...

Sidnee tired from the egg hunt

more beautiful centerpieces

So there were 3 shifts of easter egg hunts, the lil kids, my age, and the old people hahaha here goes my aunt running for eggs....

my 2 aunties looking for eggs

She found one in the Jumper

cake made by my cousin Nicky...another pinterest idea..

trying to find eggs from the easter egg hunt who hides them on the roof.....

my cousin cutting the food...


This was just the appetizer table...way to much food

My lil cousin having fun in the jumper..

So I think that will wrap up my Easter pics. Onto the next project trying to finish all the details to my sister n laws bridal shower coming up in May. And oh ya my daughter Baptism that we can't wait to celebrate. Now that we finally found a church that we want to have it at we can finally pick a date and start planning the party...Yay can't wait for that special day to come.

Hope everyone has an amazing week...Look forward to my auntie and cousin's party this weekend...bring on the wine!!!!

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