Monday, April 30, 2012

In Party Planning Mode....

Over the last few months I been working on getting my soon to be sister n laws bridal shower ready for memorial day weekend. So much planning goes into doing showers and being the perfectionist I am its takes me forever to plan such things cause everything has to be perfect. Here are a couple things that I finished a month ago that I thought I might share. I have much more to come with pictures but this is a just a couple things I have put together.

Here colors are yellow, burlap with touches of pink....Much more pictures to come of shower in couple of weeks.....

I am making a dessert bar with choc chip cookies, brownies, choc covered pretzels, and these candy bars with their homeade wrapper on it. I was looking on the interest to find pink free printables and I can across these wrappers that go around a bar and fell in love. These add a cute lil personal touch to the party. I never knew there were so many free printables out there I was very amazing and glad I didn't have to purchase any.

I find myself at the dollar tree a lot when I'm planning a party. In my backyard I have a outdoor couch patio set with tables with a gazebo over it. I some how wanted to tie in her colors with my patio set. So I made these flower arrangements to go on the side tables around couch. On the couch there will be yellow and burlap pillows to tie in her colors. Along with personalize burlap pillows with the bride and groom names and wedding date. Pictures to come.

Designing the tables took me a while cause I could not make my mind up. This is a side profile of what table looks like. Sorry about Ava's bassinett in background but i was trying to do trial in my garage of what it will look like. So what I went for what white table linens that my mom bought me. Burlap table runners that were also made by my mom. I order yellow linen napkins and tied a bow around it. For the centerpiece (not shown I am doing fresh flowers in a mason jar sitting on a slice of tree bark) On sides of tables shown her I bought wine glass, flowers, and candles from dollar store to give it a lil more something to the table. I also was debating about getting gold chargers so u see her I only have one. Well i loved the look so I ordered chargers to go on tables as well to give it a more elegant look.

Another item I was working on were these bridal pins. I made them with beads, tule, and ribbon and lots of hot glue. A safety pin is glue on the back for girls to wear at the shower The picture is not very good, will get better ones the day of shower. But what it suppose to be is a bridal gown. My mother n law had something similar to this the day of my bachlorette so I figure I could be crafty and try to make some for her shower. They came out adorable very easy to make just really time consuming. 

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