Saturday, May 5, 2012

Avalynn's 4th Month

Time is flying by and I cannot believe my lil baby is now 4 months old. Where does time go. Before long this lil one will be crawling.  So its time again! Ava by her 4 month cake however this time I did not make the cake. Its been a really busy month so I decided to have lovely Alberston's do the cake hahaha its turned out wonderful.

This week was also her 4 month check up and when it was time to weigh in I was a lil worried cause this lil one is such a chunker. She is topping the scales off at 14 pounds and yeah I said 14 pounds. She is wearing 3-6 month clothes now or should i say 6 month clothes and many 9 months too. With many clothes she has I been trying to put her in 0-3 months so her clothes wont go to waste hahaha I know im a crazy mom but I can't just let these cute clothes go to waste.

 Little miss Ava always smiling.

Ava with her 4 month cake. I have her wearing an embroidery shirt saying "little sister" my mom made with a onesie from hobby lobby. And most people out here in california really don't know much about hobby lobby but we finally got one here in california however its too far from me but I love that place. I go there when I visit my mom in Texas and man its way better than michaels and Joann's for all u california people. This place has everything I wish I had one in Orange County.

I love anything that has a personal touch to it. Having an emboridery machine allows my girls to have many things with there names on like clothes, blankets, towels, purses, hats, scarfs, and so on. At this age its so cute when I see lil ones wearing onseis with leggings. I love when my girls wear legging. Leggings just add to an outfit. I love putting leggings under onsies I love the look I use to do the same for Sidnee. Leggings Rock I need to go on an advernture and find some lace leggings wouldn't that be adorable. Oh ya

The wonderful cake made by alberston's. A special thanks to the gentlemen that did it cause man it sure saved me time. And plus doesn't he have the best writing I was like u have better writing than many women out there. Okay enough about the cake. Bye Bye

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  1. OMG I'd die without Hobby Lobby. I practically live there! Love it.


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