Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Being a Mommy....

Being a mommy is one of the greatest things that has happened in my life.  This mother's day was special just like every mother's day is. Mother's Day is one time of the year where we get pampered and awarded for our awesome mommie duties...hahahah ya like my husband really does that well he at least tries. Every mothers day I miss my mommy because she lives so far however get the opportunity to spend it with my cousins and auntie (my 2nd mommy). This year we did a small brunch at my cousins house and enjoyed some yummp breakfast.This was a little different for us but it was fun we got to spend the entire morning together eating and drinking mimosas.  It was delicious!!!

Some of the awesome girls in my daughter and her famous smile....i love her!!!

Our lovely men and kiddos....what would we do without them =)

My precious newest addition of course posing

Okay I put these picture in the post cause these are flowers I made for my auntie for mother's day and I was practicing for my sister n laws upcoming shower next weekend. What I did was run over to the grocery store and bought a bouquet of flowers arranged them my self in a mason jar and wrapped tulle around the jar and with a bow and there u have it a beautiful centerpiece. I thought about going to a florist to have it done however it costs so much money and hey why not do it myself. It was really easy and cheaply done...What do u think?

I will need to do 6 centerpieces for the shower so talking with my client who just did her sisters shower said u can buy like 3 bundles of flowers and they sell fillers as well at the grocery store so a bundle of that for all around 50 dollars. That works for me...a big thanks to my client jenn

Looking forwarded to the wonderful weekend ahead of me Parties Parties Parties...

Happy Weekend to Everyone!!!

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