Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We made it.....

Finally this day has come my soon to be sister n laws bridal shower.... u all been waiting for these pics I know and here they r.....thank u thank u!!!! It was a fun and beautiful shower but sooooo much work. But hey I am always up for a challange and this was one of them...I did lots of detail and put a lot into this shower. I wanted to make it beautiful for her and something she would always remember. So here ya go!!!

The cake for the dessert table. What was awesome about this was I had a local grocery store make a plain white stacked cake and I just added the yellow flowers to it. I was something simple and chic and thats what I got. So in love....

Daisy cookies on dessert table

I found these candy bar wrappers online for free and printed them out on my printer using white paper. I wrapped them around candy bars so guest could take them home

I had a lady on etsy created these "sweet pink lemonade" labels and I wrapped them around mason jars so guest could sip on pink lemonade. I also got pink and white straws from esty and added those to the cups...

Also got the water bottle labels from esty as well

Had this initial burlap drink holder made from etsy to that i used for shower and bride could take it for was part of her gift.

my best friend let me borrow this utensil holder and loved it

my famous dessert table with lots of goodies

the food display...we served olive garden along with tea and pink lemonade

i set up my big white tents hung yellow paper lanterns, tied yellow tule around chairs, made flower centerpieces, burlpa runners, and oh ya curtains in the corners of the tents which i should of got a better picture of that cause my hubby worked hard on that putting them up hahahah love u baby!!!

the guestbook table where people signed in, took a bridal shower pin I made and signed there address on an envelop for the bride making it a lil easier for her on thank u cards

guest book I made from shutterfly

envelopes were dropped in the glass vase

the flower centerpieces i made from flowers i got from grocery store...and piece of wood that i got from esty as well

one of my pinteret successes...cowgirl cookies...these were favors we handed out to guest

bride to be chair where Hannah sat to open her all her wonderful gifts

the table display

I have a couch patio set in my backyard and we added yellow and burlap pillows to match the decor of the shower and placed flowers on table so this could all tie in with shower...A game for the guest that i have sitting on table is guess how many lemon head where in mason jar....

I glued yelow flower on mason jar to make it mroe decorative for game the guest who guessed the correct amount or closest too got to take home mason jar full of lemon heads

another pinterest success i got wine glasses, flowers, and candles from dollar store and put this on tables as well

my mommy and beautiful daughter

bride to be and friends

opening all her gifts

isn't she a doll just love that lil one

my big girl...I didn't have anything for sidnee to wear so I made her a headband with yellow flower and pinned a yellow flower on her dress and there u go she fits in with the shower what do u think? my princess

me, bride to be, and step sister

table display

The shower I hope u enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the shower it was a big hit. I loved doing this for her and of course love hosting a party. I am very excited welcoming Hannah into our family and looking forwarded to many memories to come.

Off to planning my next event my daughter baptism I have 2 months to plan and so much to do. Where does time go?? July 28th will be here way to soon and I hope I'm ready. Or should i say my family is ready cause everyone knows me im a perfectionst and stress case...i can't help it i just have to have everything perfect and ya i know i need to get over it but i just can't...i am who i am but u all love me...

okay its my bed time now...good night

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