Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Baby....

Over the weekend we headed out to another party of Tony cousins. There having a baby boy Elijah King anytime. This was a great shower to catch up with family, relax, and eat and eat and eat. I can't seem to get away with parties and there food dang it, its all so good. I truly hate losing baby weight ughhhhh....but it has to be done...okay enough with weight some pics from the shower...what was really fun is that is was co-ed and i love that cause my enitre family goes and even guys play games love it. My baby shower was just the same I love having my hubby with me at all times..hahahaha ya right

the beautiful cake

My cousin and I made this diaper cake for the parents to be...I'm so in love with making diaper cakes for showers thanks to my cousin she does a great job

Ava and her tia

My couisn Leslie playing the sock game. And ya why didn't i remember this one i love it. So the game is you have to match the socks up and who ever does it the fastest time wins...Its an easy and cheap game for anyone who is having a shower.

grumpy sidnee so i made her sit in the stroller

Some of the fam bam being silly playing the dipaer game. That is another game that is great and was played at my shower. You can either mush candy bars or different sauces like bbq sauce, ketsup and so forth and place in diaper and guests have to guess what is in diaper its kind of gross but really fun.

Should of had some better pics of party and soon to be parents but I was too busy talking, eating, and watching Sidness in the water slide...

Happy friday to all!!!

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