Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happiest Place on Earth

Living in California is one of the most amazing things ever...I mean seriously we have the best weather, the beach, mountains, every amusement park, the one and only Angels Stadium Baby, Go Angels!!!!hollywood, the OC housewives, I know I'm funny hahaha but honestly living in Cali everything is at your fingertip there is so much to offer here along with great weather year around. So to top that off living in southern california we have the advantage of having Disneyland 5 minutes away. Whats really nice pretty much everyone in southern cali have annual passes including myself. Its really nice cause we can go when we want and just have to spend a couple hours there and go home. Its not like we have to stay all day to get our moneys worth and are feet are killing us and we can barely walk like my mom use to do to me and my brother.

On monday I decided to do and a mommy and Sidnee day and we headed off to Disneyland for the day or should i say 5 hours. Lots of fun with my lil girl she just loves this place. We had a blast and ended our day watching the Main street parade which i truly love wathcing even though i had to sit in the sun and look like a tomato all week but hey its worth the smile on my daughters face.

Sidnee and mommy

Sidnee trying to get in Rabbits house from Alice and Wonderland

Sidnee and Pluto

Why is it that when you get off each ride there is a store of toys waiting for you to buy...just to sucker you into buying a 20 dollar toy which is really 5 dollars at walmart....well ya my daughter suckered me into buying this I mean really why did i give in....but she carried it around the entire day and wouldn't let it down...

Sidnee sitting on goofys couch in his house in Toontown....with her toy of course...

Sidnee was in heaven having so much fun I guess thats why they call it the happiest place on earth it sure is to every child including my own...

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  1. So fun! I will agree, Cali is the place to be! Except for that traffic, blech! I wish we lived closer:(


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