Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Party Harty

Lat weekend we got to attend one of friends daughter 2nd birthday party. This was an awesome party its a called "Jumps & Giggles" well I think its called that I threw out invite hahaha and I'm a lil late on this post. But anyways its an awesome place for kids to have their birthday parties at. They have jumpers, slides, toys, cars, areas for dress up, play houses and so on. The parents get to relax and kids can go at it. Its all indoors so u don't have to worry much about ur child which is really nice. What is also nice is you can bring your own food and decoration for the party as well. My friend Catherine did her daughter's party in Minnie Mouse. She order pizza and had salad, fruit, and veggies. And brought in her own cake and cupcakes that were made by her. I loved this party cause it was easy setting up and they do all the cleaning and so forth less work for the parents. Great idea and look forwarded to doing something like this for my girls in the future.

They have little kid tables for the kids to eat at and she decorated it with Minnie decor. Sidnee with her BFF MiaBella

I'm not hungry mommy, him not hungry I want to she is stuffing her face with pizza oh my lil one...always difficult

The cake made by my friend Catherine...I love it she did an awesome job

Esme opening up gifts. We even did a pinata as well at the place which I thought was cool they could still have one of those. She also handed out minnie goodies bags to all the kids. So all you moms who want a place for ur kids to have a party and u want someone else to do all the work this is the place for you. U go have a great time!!!

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