Monday, June 25, 2012

My Family

It's summer time yay I love the hot weather, getting tan, and drinking margaritas my kind of thing. This last weekend we were off to another famous party spending time with the fam bam making memories. This last weekend was a luau party for Sidnee's godmother (our cousin) Sandra. Everyone knows sandra she is such a beautiful and wonderful girl and the best nina (godmother) anyone could ask for we love her dearly. The kids got to play in the pool while the adults drank and ate...can't have a party without delicious food and drinks.  Here is a bunch of photos from our enjoyable day and evening. Love my family!!!

Sidnee and Ava have sooooo many aunts and uncle's. This is Tony's dads family and he is one of 11 just like my dad's family. However this family is very close we do everything together. Every occasion we are together and no one misses anything. I love how close this family is. My dads family is very large and unfortunetly not is close to one another and everybody does there own thing. And being we all lives miles away from each other too. Wish we were all close like my hubbys family. Glad to get cherish family memories with my mommy's side of the family we all live close her in california. My hubbys mom is one of 9 so that is also a large family and they are close as well and we all do everything together. Being we have tony's family and mine that pretty much takes up our entire year. We all go to eachothers birthdays including kids and adults and never miss any hoildays without eachother. I love it and would never change this for the world family is amazing. I love you all and can't wait to see you all this weekend!!!! 

Ava and cousin Leia

The cake I bought from abertson's grocery store and added my own flowers to it, it turned out adorable and for a whole 29 dollars I was sold...

I also made these cake pops for the party. This was my first time so they didn't come out very beautiful and perfectly round but they will friend gave me this idea instead of baking a cake crumbling it up and added frosting to create the balls I put a whole package of oreos in the food processor and crumbled them up and added a tub of cream cheese frosting from the grocery store to the oreos and then created balls. I placed a stick in the oreo ball put them in the freezer. After I took them out dipped them in yellow chocolate melts I got at Michaels craft store and added some pink sprinkles. What do u think?

Not bad for a first timer

Ava's Tia and Tio

Sidnee swimming with her cousins

Another beautiful Tia.

Don't put me in with my clothes tia hahahahaha

without my bathing suit I guess that will work

The birthday girl and famous Nina...We love you and loved spending your birthday with you....

Sidnee hitting the pinata

Those were some of the pics I took at the party it was such a beautiful day spent love them to pieces...

hope you didn't find a lot of grammar errors my family and friends are always talking crap on my blog saying they want to spell check it for me but hey I type fast and always forget to read it over who has time for with u guys

enjoy your night cause I am

Guess what I am doing????

Finally reading "50 Shades of Grey" and yeah I'm into the good stuff so don't bother me...

Good Night

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