Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where has the time gone....

My lil one is already 6 months old almost 7. Time keeps flying by and before long she will be 1 and walking =( This is such a fun age I love how we can play with eachother and sidnee makes her laugh it just brightens my face.

Went to here 6 month check up and she 18 pounds she is above average in weight just like Sidnee was. I have such chuncky little babies I love it. You just want to squeeze them all the time.

She is really into playing with toys, playing with sidnee, eating lots of food, sleeping, smiling, and keeping them family full of joy. Once again I have a little girl who always wants to be held and when you walk away screams...Seriously how is this mom suppose to do her chores and get things done, exhausting all I can say.

This little chubby wears a size 3 diapers which is sooooo snug so our next costco run will have to get the size bigger hahaha like my dad says today "I can't get the diaper around her legs"  hahaha love it

6 months means 6 roses on the cake were half way there people can we stop the time.... 

Sidnee what are u doing in the background.... this time my dad got to hold her for her monthly pictures....

smile you Sidnee (don't mind my dads skinney legs in the pictures it runs in the Biddle family execpt for me lol)

Look at Ava in style as always....

Happy 6 month baby I love you dearly and can't wait till many more years full of laughter and joy with you and Sidnee...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mailee Big 5

Today was a great day we spent the day celebrating my cousin's daughter Mailee's 5th Ariel theme birthday. They had slip n slides, pool, and water toys for the kids to enjoy. It was a beautiful hot day so the kids loved it.

Sidnee in line for the water slide

Some of the kids in the was so gross and full of grass, it looked like a swamp.  I don't know how they could be playing in it. The things that don't bother kids it cracks me up

Mommy and Avalynn

the birthday girl getting ready to sing "happy birthday" to her

Mailee opening her presents

The 2 love of my lives sitting on the couch watching mailee open her gifts. They r so adorable in there matching outfits oh how I love and adore these two.

Finishing the day off by grubbing on cupcakes and sweets. My daughter just like mommy and her sweets never can get enough of them.

Ok its Saturday night and I'm blogging my kiddos r in bed and its time for me to hit the sheets hope everyone is enjoying there weekend.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crunch Time

Life has been a lil hectic and busy these days and its about a week away from Ava's baptism and I have more than enough stuff to finsh before next saturday. Looking forward to this day and have for a long time. This day is always very special to me as it was for Sidnee on her day. Having them baptized in the Catholic Church is such a wonderful and memorable day and sincerly a true blessing. I always go all out for this day including having all my family gather at the church and my house for a big party, DJ, hiring a photgrapher, awesome food and cake, dessert bar, favors for the guests, a bouncey house for the kids to play in, and of course alcohol for the adults. For the past week I been working on favors and still have much more to finish.

I decided to order mini rosaries for the guests. I placed them in boxes tied them with gold ribbon (the colors for the party are gold and pink) and placed a tag that was created from etsy that says Avalynn Baptism July 28th 2012. Some have her pictures others don't.

Got the boxed for oriental trading company which is an awesome website that you can get so many cheap things for a party and I mean they have everything.

I also made candy bar favors and has a lady on etsy create a candy wrapper with them same design it turned out adorable pictures to come

Still have to make oreo pops and rice krispie squares for favors as well those I will show you later I put them in bags tie with them gold ribbon and put gold crosses on them I bought online.

Here a some pics of favors sorry bad pictures not a good photographer I know don't make fun of me hence why I hire a photgrapher for Ava's baptism want some good pics.

Got pink and white rosaries

Can't wait for this day to come and many pictures to follow in the upcoming weeks. My daddy is coming for the baptism what a great surprise to us.....

Enjoy your to Sidnee's swimming lessons..

Friday, July 13, 2012

Swimming Lesson Time

So enjoying this summer with my kiddos. Been a busy summer but so enjoyable and enjoying every minute of it. This week was Sidnee's first day of swimming lessons. This year is the first time she is able to take swimming lessons all by herself. She in class with about 5 other kids learning how to jump, float, kick her feet, and jump to bottom of pool to get water tools. It's alot of fun for her and every friday all the kids get to go to the big pool and jump off the diving board. I love to see her in action playing in the water my lil doll is getting too big. I love how the city offers these classes because there fairly reasonable in price and she goes 2 weeks straight in a row every day. I signed her up for two sessions hoping she will get very comfortable with the water.

Miss Sidnee with her teacher Ms. Janel

Sidnee trying to splash the little boy..she was so bothering him hahaha I wanted to go and spank her
already bothering boys really sidnee!!!

only Sidnee would be sucking on her dress while kicking oh that lil one of mine

Miss lil Ava watching her big sissy swim

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 4th

July 4th was fun this year we decided to do something different and take a trip down to San Diego where my cousin lives and bbq on the bay at the beach. It was awesome and lots of fun. Every year we go to Tony's dads house and bbq because you can do your own fireworks and my hubby loves to put on a show. So this year I talked my him into doing something different. so we relaxed drank and ate like no body's business on the beach. The food was endless and the snacks some how continued to be in my hand ughhhhh.... but hey that is what holidays are for right?

Tony doing what he does best...hahahaha

every year at the beach they rally up some crazies they get on there bike and have a July 4th parada. Its very enteraining and you can jump in anytime with them.

Sidnee playing with my auntie...I forgot the name of that game but I really need to get it, its a great drinking game =)

Tony, my niece essie, and sidnee on the paddle boat. They had a blast I didn't try it thought I would fall off and it was kind of cold...ummm no thank you

Little late on this post hope everyone enjoyed there 4th of July...Happy wednesday to all!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It the big 3 0....

Finally!!!! we were off to the beach for the first time this summer. Last weekend was my good friend Megan's 30th birthday so we partied on the beach with lots of friends and her family. It was beautiful down there as always. I can go to the beach all the time however my hubby seems to have issues with sand. My girls enjoyed it and Sidnee got to make sand castles and play in the cold cold cold water not MEEEE.....I sat my lazy bootie on the sand with Ava.

My sexy husband striking a pose.....

I just want to grab her chubby cheeks such a doll this lil one is. I'm truly blessed with beautiful children.

Sidnee and Abby playing in the sand

Silly me I never got a picture of the birthday girl. Bummer!!! and of course the party and set ut. Where we partied on the beach was beautiful and we had our own volleyball court in the sand and we used her friends beach house right on the beach to bbq talk about awesome.

A great day completed....

Now its my 30th birthday in August watch out everyone I'm getting old.... =( 

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