Sunday, July 8, 2012

It the big 3 0....

Finally!!!! we were off to the beach for the first time this summer. Last weekend was my good friend Megan's 30th birthday so we partied on the beach with lots of friends and her family. It was beautiful down there as always. I can go to the beach all the time however my hubby seems to have issues with sand. My girls enjoyed it and Sidnee got to make sand castles and play in the cold cold cold water not MEEEE.....I sat my lazy bootie on the sand with Ava.

My sexy husband striking a pose.....

I just want to grab her chubby cheeks such a doll this lil one is. I'm truly blessed with beautiful children.

Sidnee and Abby playing in the sand

Silly me I never got a picture of the birthday girl. Bummer!!! and of course the party and set ut. Where we partied on the beach was beautiful and we had our own volleyball court in the sand and we used her friends beach house right on the beach to bbq talk about awesome.

A great day completed....

Now its my 30th birthday in August watch out everyone I'm getting old.... =( 

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