Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 4th

July 4th was fun this year we decided to do something different and take a trip down to San Diego where my cousin lives and bbq on the bay at the beach. It was awesome and lots of fun. Every year we go to Tony's dads house and bbq because you can do your own fireworks and my hubby loves to put on a show. So this year I talked my him into doing something different. so we relaxed drank and ate like no body's business on the beach. The food was endless and the snacks some how continued to be in my hand ughhhhh.... but hey that is what holidays are for right?

Tony doing what he does best...hahahaha

every year at the beach they rally up some crazies they get on there bike and have a July 4th parada. Its very enteraining and you can jump in anytime with them.

Sidnee playing with my auntie...I forgot the name of that game but I really need to get it, its a great drinking game =)

Tony, my niece essie, and sidnee on the paddle boat. They had a blast I didn't try it thought I would fall off and it was kind of cold...ummm no thank you

Little late on this post hope everyone enjoyed there 4th of July...Happy wednesday to all!!!

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  1. I just want to squeeze Ava's cheeks they are so darn cute! Sidnee's hair is getting so long!


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