Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mailee Big 5

Today was a great day we spent the day celebrating my cousin's daughter Mailee's 5th Ariel theme birthday. They had slip n slides, pool, and water toys for the kids to enjoy. It was a beautiful hot day so the kids loved it.

Sidnee in line for the water slide

Some of the kids in the was so gross and full of grass, it looked like a swamp.  I don't know how they could be playing in it. The things that don't bother kids it cracks me up

Mommy and Avalynn

the birthday girl getting ready to sing "happy birthday" to her

Mailee opening her presents

The 2 love of my lives sitting on the couch watching mailee open her gifts. They r so adorable in there matching outfits oh how I love and adore these two.

Finishing the day off by grubbing on cupcakes and sweets. My daughter just like mommy and her sweets never can get enough of them.

Ok its Saturday night and I'm blogging my kiddos r in bed and its time for me to hit the sheets hope everyone is enjoying there weekend.


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