Friday, July 13, 2012

Swimming Lesson Time

So enjoying this summer with my kiddos. Been a busy summer but so enjoyable and enjoying every minute of it. This week was Sidnee's first day of swimming lessons. This year is the first time she is able to take swimming lessons all by herself. She in class with about 5 other kids learning how to jump, float, kick her feet, and jump to bottom of pool to get water tools. It's alot of fun for her and every friday all the kids get to go to the big pool and jump off the diving board. I love to see her in action playing in the water my lil doll is getting too big. I love how the city offers these classes because there fairly reasonable in price and she goes 2 weeks straight in a row every day. I signed her up for two sessions hoping she will get very comfortable with the water.

Miss Sidnee with her teacher Ms. Janel

Sidnee trying to splash the little boy..she was so bothering him hahaha I wanted to go and spank her
already bothering boys really sidnee!!!

only Sidnee would be sucking on her dress while kicking oh that lil one of mine

Miss lil Ava watching her big sissy swim

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