Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Big Day

Two weeks ago I got to witness my little brother marry a wonderful and beautiful girl name Hannah in front of 250 family and friends along with my beautiful daughter and niece being the cutest flower girls ever. It was such an remarkable day and the most beautiful setting I have ever been to for a wedding I cannot even describe.
Here are a few pics I stole from Hannah on her facebook that some guests took to show off I just love them too...can't wait to see the photgraphers pics
Hannah and her bridesmaids
 the ceremony itself

 Sidnee and my niece Ellie walking down the aisle 
The night before we had reherseal dinner and of course I had to dress my little ones the same and in style I decided to get a few shots of them in the grass they are so dang cute...

everything goes in the mouth right now...with my little one

 Before the wedding started I got a few pictures of my girls
Such a beautiful day and the background to this wedding was so georgous that it was hard not to get pictures everything turned out wonderful.

I just love weddings I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday it was so fun and beautiful I totally would do it all over again...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Coming to an End

Today is a bitter sweet day. I turned 30 and yet I was so not ready I totally still want to be in my 20's but I guess I just can't turn back the time. So here I sit blogging depressed about turning 30. To brighten the night I guess I will do what I love to do show off my family.
This month was the last for swimming lessons that means summer is coming to an end. Sidnee was brave enough to jump off the diving board not just once but many times.
I was glad I put her in swimming this year she was really into learning and putting her head under the water. yay for Sidnee!!!!

Ava always in style watching her lovely sissy swim

Go Angels!!!!

Not only was swimming coming to an end the Orange County Fair was as well so I wanted to head over there before it was over. So made it a family night to go ride the rides and see the smelly animals they have to show...hahaha gosh those animals at the fair gross they just smell but whatever my girlies love it that is all that matters. 

I just love them to pieces...sidnee riding on the big girl slide with daddy they had a blast those 2
I cannot even count how many times they went down the slide.

The only tractor you will see Sidnee on I mean really we live in California there are no tractors people or should I even say farm sad I mean I really am a country girl at heart I mean a little

my baby riding by herself gosh this makes me cry when I look at this by herself really this can't be happening already...I mean I'm the mommy that can't even let my daughters sleep in her own bed I just can't mommy sleeps better with them . I know start laughing its true I love sleeping with my kids...
my poor hubby he misses his wife I do make it up to him though =)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

7 months old

Miss Ava girl is 7 months old now where does the time go. My little girl is forever getting so big I just can't stand it. This is a bitter sweet month because before long she will be turning "1" =(

Here is my Ava girl posing with her cake

I told my hubby put her out so I can get a picture of her this is the best he could do. With his head and body in background like I wanted to see that haha.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Celebration, Celebration

Summer is passing quickly and before you know it will be Christmas. Yeah I said it Christmas, only 4 months away can you believe it.  This has been the most busiest summers I have ever experienced. Remind me never to have a baby in the summer cause I think everyone and there mama has a baby in the summer. I never been to so many kids parties in my life. One birthday during the summer that is very speical besides mine in August is my hubbys. Every year we celebrate with the fam bam.

Another exciting event that took place this summer is my lil chubby wubby Ava finally can sit up. My little girls are such late bloomers. The doctor says "is she sitting up yet" I said to Dr. Frankel how are my babies suppose to sit up with all those rolls hahaha and when they constantly want to be held..So here it is Ava finally sitting up on her own.

We always have to put a bobby around her cause she is just like Sidnee when she was a baby and likes to slam her head back hitting the ground. Can I just say ugh!

I truly have my hands full with this little one. She is surely a mommy's girl and doesn't like to go with anyone. She constantly cries for me all day to hold her and sit next to her while she plays. She doesn't quit get that I have to do things around the house and take care of another child. But at least she loves her mommy dearly. I love this little one.


Sidnee in her real cowboy boots I had my mom get in Texas I'm so in love with them I need to get me a pair for myself.

Tony's birthday celebration along with cousin Ernie, Grandpa Adolfo, and Tia Lupe. The family is so big we celebrate multiple people at one time. Hey share the love! Sidnee with her Nina Sandra and cousins after hitting the pinata.

A sad birthday boy.....

Tony, Tia Lupe, and Grandpa Adolfo (Tony's dad) don't they look alike ha. Tony in about 2 years with that belly....Ahhh poor Tony

Having cake on Tony's birthday just us as a family and Grandpa Mark...Gosh I hate when I forget to take pictures with the grandparents espeically my pops he doesn't come very often. Miss him already!

Celebrations continue this month bring it on, this is what we live for us as a family spending time together celebrating one more year of life.

Yeah people I'm turning "30" in a week and I have yet decided what I want to do is it a party bus, vacation me and my hubby on a beach somewhere alone, or gettting a hotel suite on the beach with all my amigas...decisions, decisions....

Good night y'all

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Avalynn's Baptism Pictures

In preparing for Ava's Baptism I decided to head down to Jcpenney's and take my little one pictures in her beautiful white baptism dress. What a doll she turned out to be in the pictures. I wanted these pictures so I could put them in frames on the tables along with the flower centerpieces for the party so guests could take them home.

Pictures of my children in frames on the tables are such a hit with my friends and family at every party they always seem to fight over who gets to take them home its so adorable. My children are so loved! I'm very blessed.....

I order Ava's dress online called and I was very pleased with the outcome. You never know what you will get ordering online but it worked out wondefully. Her bow was from a boutique here in orange county. I just love big bows on babies its my thing.

While I was at Jcpenney's I decided I might as well do some pictures to place in Ava's invitation for the baptism. I wanted to do picutes without her dress so everyone would be surprised that day to see what it would look like. So I did fun pics of Ava naked with a white flower in her hair as well as placing a rosary on here feet.

I ordered the invitation on and placed these 3 pictures in the invite. 

Such a beauty this little one is I can brag all day about her and how lovely she is but I won't bore you.

Can't wait to show you all the baptism photos I am waiting impatiently to see them as well. Once they come I can't wait to show them all off. Yay!!!

I feel like I been talking about this day for weeks now or should I say months on my blog but I just can't help it, it was such a speical day for me. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My New Ride!!!

So you better believe it I upgraded for a new SUV. This was so needed here in the Villalpando household. I was so over due in needing more room in a car so I decided to get a GMC Yukon. It is beautiful and I'm totally in love with it.

The good part was I was able to get this lovely new ride and keep my Mercedes cause lets be honest I love my Benz and I didn't want to get rid of it. It's my other baby and I do love it dearly and so does Sidnee. Everytime we go anywhere she always wants to ride in the Benz.

This is a big car and it has been very hard to get use to but I'm falling in love all over again...I feel like I'm talking about finding a new husband hahahha just kidding...

So here is my awful picture of my new ride. Sorry we all know I'm a professinal photographer and take great pictures. Hahaha

I do have to say the next thing coming is my GQ rims they are so needed for this car yep I'm totally pimping my car out with some rims people.

Right now it looks like a soccer mom car so not happening I need to be riding in style.

It won't be long and I will be posting my lovely ride with its awesome Snoop Dog rims. Oh ya!!! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My poor baby.....

Two weeks ago before our big day purchasing our new car or should I say SUV (pics to come) we decided we better get Ava's ears pieced before the big day her Baptism. So off we went to get them done.

This is one thing I hate to see my baby cry luckly it was for a short second and it was over thank u thank husband seems to always have a hard time with this...

Before you know it she had beautiful diamond studs in her ears

its about to start..

my baby right before it all begun the same chair I sat in about 3 years ago when Sidnee got hers done...brought back many memories....

right after they did it my husband was video tapping and ran and took my daughter from me he is such a softy for these things....but her she is crying on daddy's shoulders with her new earings love this lil girl to pieces style and all....

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