Thursday, August 16, 2012

Celebration, Celebration

Summer is passing quickly and before you know it will be Christmas. Yeah I said it Christmas, only 4 months away can you believe it.  This has been the most busiest summers I have ever experienced. Remind me never to have a baby in the summer cause I think everyone and there mama has a baby in the summer. I never been to so many kids parties in my life. One birthday during the summer that is very speical besides mine in August is my hubbys. Every year we celebrate with the fam bam.

Another exciting event that took place this summer is my lil chubby wubby Ava finally can sit up. My little girls are such late bloomers. The doctor says "is she sitting up yet" I said to Dr. Frankel how are my babies suppose to sit up with all those rolls hahaha and when they constantly want to be held..So here it is Ava finally sitting up on her own.

We always have to put a bobby around her cause she is just like Sidnee when she was a baby and likes to slam her head back hitting the ground. Can I just say ugh!

I truly have my hands full with this little one. She is surely a mommy's girl and doesn't like to go with anyone. She constantly cries for me all day to hold her and sit next to her while she plays. She doesn't quit get that I have to do things around the house and take care of another child. But at least she loves her mommy dearly. I love this little one.


Sidnee in her real cowboy boots I had my mom get in Texas I'm so in love with them I need to get me a pair for myself.

Tony's birthday celebration along with cousin Ernie, Grandpa Adolfo, and Tia Lupe. The family is so big we celebrate multiple people at one time. Hey share the love! Sidnee with her Nina Sandra and cousins after hitting the pinata.

A sad birthday boy.....

Tony, Tia Lupe, and Grandpa Adolfo (Tony's dad) don't they look alike ha. Tony in about 2 years with that belly....Ahhh poor Tony

Having cake on Tony's birthday just us as a family and Grandpa Mark...Gosh I hate when I forget to take pictures with the grandparents espeically my pops he doesn't come very often. Miss him already!

Celebrations continue this month bring it on, this is what we live for us as a family spending time together celebrating one more year of life.

Yeah people I'm turning "30" in a week and I have yet decided what I want to do is it a party bus, vacation me and my hubby on a beach somewhere alone, or gettting a hotel suite on the beach with all my amigas...decisions, decisions....

Good night y'all

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