Sunday, August 5, 2012

My New Ride!!!

So you better believe it I upgraded for a new SUV. This was so needed here in the Villalpando household. I was so over due in needing more room in a car so I decided to get a GMC Yukon. It is beautiful and I'm totally in love with it.

The good part was I was able to get this lovely new ride and keep my Mercedes cause lets be honest I love my Benz and I didn't want to get rid of it. It's my other baby and I do love it dearly and so does Sidnee. Everytime we go anywhere she always wants to ride in the Benz.

This is a big car and it has been very hard to get use to but I'm falling in love all over again...I feel like I'm talking about finding a new husband hahahha just kidding...

So here is my awful picture of my new ride. Sorry we all know I'm a professinal photographer and take great pictures. Hahaha

I do have to say the next thing coming is my GQ rims they are so needed for this car yep I'm totally pimping my car out with some rims people.

Right now it looks like a soccer mom car so not happening I need to be riding in style.

It won't be long and I will be posting my lovely ride with its awesome Snoop Dog rims. Oh ya!!! 

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