Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Coming to an End

Today is a bitter sweet day. I turned 30 and yet I was so not ready I totally still want to be in my 20's but I guess I just can't turn back the time. So here I sit blogging depressed about turning 30. To brighten the night I guess I will do what I love to do show off my family.
This month was the last for swimming lessons that means summer is coming to an end. Sidnee was brave enough to jump off the diving board not just once but many times.
I was glad I put her in swimming this year she was really into learning and putting her head under the water. yay for Sidnee!!!!

Ava always in style watching her lovely sissy swim

Go Angels!!!!

Not only was swimming coming to an end the Orange County Fair was as well so I wanted to head over there before it was over. So made it a family night to go ride the rides and see the smelly animals they have to show...hahaha gosh those animals at the fair gross they just smell but whatever my girlies love it that is all that matters. 

I just love them to pieces...sidnee riding on the big girl slide with daddy they had a blast those 2
I cannot even count how many times they went down the slide.

The only tractor you will see Sidnee on I mean really we live in California there are no tractors people or should I even say farm sad I mean I really am a country girl at heart I mean a little

my baby riding by herself gosh this makes me cry when I look at this by herself really this can't be happening already...I mean I'm the mommy that can't even let my daughters sleep in her own bed I just can't mommy sleeps better with them . I know start laughing its true I love sleeping with my kids...
my poor hubby he misses his wife I do make it up to him though =)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! And I'm pretty sure if Ryan saw that adorable Angels onesie, he would die. He's been on a hunt for cute baby girl Angel gear for Madison.

  2. So, I read this the other day and tried to comment, but for some reason, I can't comment from the damn iPad.

    Anyways, your part about, "how sad I mean I really am a country girl at heart I mean a little." You crack me up! You are so far from a country girl it's not even funny. Ha ha!


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