Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Beginning to Look like Fall

I just love this time of year the beginning of Fall which means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas yay! I so love the holidays and look forward to this time of the year especially at Disneyland. On Monday we headed to Dland for a fun day with the kiddos since my hubby didn't feel like going to work.
Disneyland is ready for Halloween with mickey pumpkins everywhere. This sits in the middle of main street isn't is adorable just love it.

The Haunted Mansion ride was decored out for Halloween with decor from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" it was so awesome even though I haven't seen the movie.

 We ate that "Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe" at the end of main street and it was delicious we had toasted cheese sandwiches with enchilada soup which was incredibly doesn't that sound weird good food at an amusement park yep they truly have good food there you just need to know where to go and what to get funny right?

Sidnee on the tea cups ride
the girls in line for the Peter Pan ride which I have never done and so glad I did cause it was great you were actually flying with pixie dust....

Sidnee eating her lollipop that looks bigger than her...hahahah...
another fun day at Disneyland was a you think im ever going to write about anything else but Disneyland sorry we just been going way to much its so much fun
More fun pictures to come....Sidnee and myself will be heading to Mickey's Halloween party on Friday at Disneyland from 7 to midnight to go trick or treating, go on rides and she gets to wear her halloween costume. She will be one tired girl after were done.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Friday

It's friday to many but not ME. Hairdressers like me have to work saturday its usually are most busy day of the week. So today I didn't work and its my hubbys 3 day weekend so guess where we were today? Yep u got it people Disneyland I mean seriously I think its our second home these days. Were making an effort to go much more this year and get use of our annual passes.
So random Friday it is with many random pictures of my girls

Happy Friday to Everyone! Enjoy your weekend cause I willlllllll.......

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Dirty "30"

So as you all know I turned the "dirty 30" and yes its a big year but honestly I wasn't feeling it. First I can't believe I'm 30 I still want to be in my 20's so yeah I'm pretty sad. However it is what it is, so for my 30th birthday we had a bbq at my house with all my family and last weekend went out with some of my friends (some of my besites weren't there) for dinner and drinks. I still had a blast. 
It was at a restaurant lounge called "kimera" in Irvine a pretty classy upscale place with incredible food and drinks.
We socialize, drank, and eat yeah I think that is what you do when you thirty. Not like my 20's stilling partying like a rockstar. But things change and they are for the good.
I am very lucky to be 30 and be blessed with a wonderful husband and 2 lovely girls still much more to accomplish in life looking forward to another 30 years.
Cheers to loving life!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Dance

A week ago Sidnee started her first dance class of the year. She does ballet and tap for one hour one time a week for a whole entire year or maybe until she gets out of high school who really knows if she will continue this or want to do something else. But I do say we have to start somewhere and find something she really likes whether its dancing, sports, gymnastics or whatever I hope she finds what she likes to do because I don't want to be one of those mommies that lives thru there kids hahaha....Like seriously have you seen "Toddlers and Tiaras" thats some serious stuff hahhha.
Here are some fun pictures of Sidnee in her class. She really is enjoying it and in the end teaching her great coordination which I really love. She is wearing a pink leotard I bought from Target and a black tutu I made.

can't leave miss Ava out she is so adorable look at that beautiful smile she just melts my heart..

Disney never gets old....

Off to Disneyland we went Sidnee and I. This time we happen to be over on the California Adventure side and got to see their parada I was so excited I grabbed Sidnee from where we were eating and ran as fast as we could to go see the parade. I just love this parade its has lots of characters from my favorite movies Monster, Inc, Toy Story, Bugs Life, Cars, Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. We had such a wondeful time with this parade the fun part of it they shoot out bubbles during the entire time. So Sidnee was catching bubbles as she was watching the parade.

One of my missions was to accomplish eating at the Corn Dog Castle which has gotten, is gotten a real work oh whatever good raves about. It actually was awesome I ordered a Corndog and it came with a bag of chips. Thanks to my cousin for treating me and Sidnee love u cousin..... So I can now check this one off my list really enjoyed this place and the best part about it, it was not crowded at all and you could see the parade from our seats. Can you tell when I took the picture there was no one in line pretty odd for Disneyland.

Now thats a corn dog people and the breading around it is so delicious

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Disney Eats

This last sunday me and Sidnee decided to head out to Disneyland with my cousin and her friend Vanessa for a day of fun. We wanted to do some things that we haven't done so we ended up at Piarates Liar on Tom Swayer's Island. This was totally fun cause I have never done this before. You take a boat across the river and on the island you discover caves and get to walk thru them and discover Pirate treasure. Sidnee has a blast doing that.

Then we headed over to Davy Crocketts Explorer Canoes lots of fun and oh so very tiring. Sidnee was trying to paddle along with splashing the lady behind us hahaha
Our evening ended up in Poohs Corner. This place was oh so enjoyable with lots of fun sweets for me and Sidnee to enjoy. I was so in love. First of all I have the biggest sweet tooth its so out of control I have no idea who instealed that in me but it was wrong...thanks mommy!!! cause if it wasn't for sweet yeah I would weight a whooping 10 pounds less. So I can cross this bakery off my Disney Easts list.

 wouldn't these be great for a mickey and minnie birthday party for your child. I just love this idea and it looks fairly easy.
So I ended up with a carmel apple with nuts for my hubby and a hug chocolate chip cookie for myself and another one for Sidnee for a whole 15 dollars can you beleive that umm.... yes its Disneyland people.

oh that cookie was so delicious I can so go back and get another one but I just won't one is enough for a month or maybe a couple weeks hahahha....

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