Monday, September 3, 2012

Disney Eats

Along with staying at Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland one of my accomplishments this year having annual passes to Disneyland is to try new restaurants and cafe's at Disneyland, Disneyland California Adventure, and the 3 Disney hotels (Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier, Disneyland Grand Calfornia).
I love food and party planning blogs and when I find something awesome I always add them to my reading list. The other day I happen to be reading a food blog when I came across and found this awesome section of her blog saying "disney eats" and it had different places to eat at Disneyland. I was all over it.
Disneyland is practically in my backyard so why not make a food list of places to try and take my family too. So this weekend was the first start of it.
We started off at Surf's Up with Mickey and Friends Breakfast in our hotel Paradise Pier. It's a breakfast buffet and offers so many vaireties of food. It's great for kids the characters come to your table mingle with you and take pictures. It can be a little pricey but so worth it and you don't have to wait in long lines at Disneyland.


I just love the Mickey waffles they are not only adorable but delicious

Everywhere you go Mickey details follow just like the utensil holder

The following day we headed over to "Goofy's Kitchen" at the Disneyland Hotel. This place is just as adorable along with great food as well. We also went for breakfast ate till we exploded, and took pictures with the characters.


Both restaurants are buffets and offer ready made omelets that is totally what I go for. Here is Mr. Omelet Man Alexander

Look at the size of my omelet I asked for a small one...don't I have a wide variety of food on my plate now looking it seems a little odd...hahahah sorry its buffet don't you just pick random food I do.

Sidnee's food choice that morning just like her mommy goes for the sweets
With 2 restaurants down and a billion to go okay not a billon but almost close =) Hopes to searching out different places to eat at Disneyland. Here are a list of some places I choose to try this year cause I know I can't finish them all in 1 year.


Carnation Cafe
Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor
Plaza Inn with Minnie and Friends
Hungry Bear Restaurant
Cafe Orleans
Blue Bayou Restaurant
Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe
Corn Dog Truck on Main Street
French Market Restaurant
Pooh Corner Bakery
Daisy's Dinner

Disneyland California Adventure

Corn Dog Castle
World of Color Pinics at Gold Vine Winery
Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill
Bayside brews- This park of disneyland ur can drink yay!!
Ariel's Grotto- lunch or dinner with the princesses
Those are many of the millions but I have to start somewhere thats not even including Downtown Disney along with tons more at each park.
Looking forward to many more Disney Eats!!!

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