Thursday, September 13, 2012

Disney Eats

This last sunday me and Sidnee decided to head out to Disneyland with my cousin and her friend Vanessa for a day of fun. We wanted to do some things that we haven't done so we ended up at Piarates Liar on Tom Swayer's Island. This was totally fun cause I have never done this before. You take a boat across the river and on the island you discover caves and get to walk thru them and discover Pirate treasure. Sidnee has a blast doing that.

Then we headed over to Davy Crocketts Explorer Canoes lots of fun and oh so very tiring. Sidnee was trying to paddle along with splashing the lady behind us hahaha
Our evening ended up in Poohs Corner. This place was oh so enjoyable with lots of fun sweets for me and Sidnee to enjoy. I was so in love. First of all I have the biggest sweet tooth its so out of control I have no idea who instealed that in me but it was wrong...thanks mommy!!! cause if it wasn't for sweet yeah I would weight a whooping 10 pounds less. So I can cross this bakery off my Disney Easts list.

 wouldn't these be great for a mickey and minnie birthday party for your child. I just love this idea and it looks fairly easy.
So I ended up with a carmel apple with nuts for my hubby and a hug chocolate chip cookie for myself and another one for Sidnee for a whole 15 dollars can you beleive that umm.... yes its Disneyland people.

oh that cookie was so delicious I can so go back and get another one but I just won't one is enough for a month or maybe a couple weeks hahahha....

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