Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disney never gets old....

Off to Disneyland we went Sidnee and I. This time we happen to be over on the California Adventure side and got to see their parada I was so excited I grabbed Sidnee from where we were eating and ran as fast as we could to go see the parade. I just love this parade its has lots of characters from my favorite movies Monster, Inc, Toy Story, Bugs Life, Cars, Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. We had such a wondeful time with this parade the fun part of it they shoot out bubbles during the entire time. So Sidnee was catching bubbles as she was watching the parade.

One of my missions was to accomplish eating at the Corn Dog Castle which has gotten, is gotten a real work oh whatever good raves about. It actually was awesome I ordered a Corndog and it came with a bag of chips. Thanks to my cousin for treating me and Sidnee love u cousin..... So I can now check this one off my list really enjoyed this place and the best part about it, it was not crowded at all and you could see the parade from our seats. Can you tell when I took the picture there was no one in line pretty odd for Disneyland.

Now thats a corn dog people and the breading around it is so delicious

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