Monday, September 3, 2012

Disney Vacation

This long weekend was much needed before my baby girl starts preschool. So instead of staying home we decided to stay the night a Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland. So my girls could swim, eat breakfast not "once" but "twice" with Disney characters, go to Disneyland and have dinner at Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney.
Our room was really fun of course the room was detailed with Mickey everywhere so I took pictures to show everyone.
It said on the bed with a little note "please do not take beach ball pillows home" it will cost you only 65 dollars oh my goodness glad sidnee was not that attached to it

Ava and Sidnee watching old disney cartoons in the movie room in our hotel. I love the oldie but goodie where they didn't talk. I can't stand the new cartoons its all about learning, they talk to much and there is no story line I wish they would bring the old ones back =(

the view from our room Disneyland California Adventure was even able to see the was beautiful

Sidnee listening to Belle tell bedtime stories on the TV

yep thats me the "mommie" who put this all together for my beautiful family

emjoying the pool
Off to dinner to the Rainfort Cafe. If you never have ate there before its really fun for kids its like eating in jungle. They have thunderstorms every 30 minutes, rain all over, animals that make noise, waterfalls and much more.

Our adventure to the Park

It was a hot one and poor Ava was so tired she feel asleep on daddy
This weekend was a success and we enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to many more adventures together.

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