Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Beginning to Look like Fall

I just love this time of year the beginning of Fall which means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas yay! I so love the holidays and look forward to this time of the year especially at Disneyland. On Monday we headed to Dland for a fun day with the kiddos since my hubby didn't feel like going to work.
Disneyland is ready for Halloween with mickey pumpkins everywhere. This sits in the middle of main street isn't is adorable just love it.

The Haunted Mansion ride was decored out for Halloween with decor from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" it was so awesome even though I haven't seen the movie.

 We ate that "Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe" at the end of main street and it was delicious we had toasted cheese sandwiches with enchilada soup which was incredibly doesn't that sound weird good food at an amusement park yep they truly have good food there you just need to know where to go and what to get funny right?

Sidnee on the tea cups ride
the girls in line for the Peter Pan ride which I have never done and so glad I did cause it was great you were actually flying with pixie dust....

Sidnee eating her lollipop that looks bigger than her...hahahah...
another fun day at Disneyland was a you think im ever going to write about anything else but Disneyland sorry we just been going way to much its so much fun
More fun pictures to come....Sidnee and myself will be heading to Mickey's Halloween party on Friday at Disneyland from 7 to midnight to go trick or treating, go on rides and she gets to wear her halloween costume. She will be one tired girl after were done.

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