Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sophie Turns "1"

Last weekend we got to go to my best friend niece's 1st birthday. This little girl Sophia has a special birthday because its the same day as mine. Her theme to her birthday party was minnie mouse and it was done so wonderfully let me tell you. My bestie did an awesome job with her sister.
I don't know about all you guys but birthday party planning has become so big in California. Parties these days cost thousands of dollars rather than spending a few hundred dollars. Its has got a little to out of hand. But honestly its so much fun and looks amazing when your done. My friends and family already know I go all out for every occasions and pay attention to every detail. Yet probably no one but me and my friends acutally really pay attention to it all. I am such a perfectionist I hate when people help cause they just don't do it right. So my cousins help me anyways and listen to me "bitch" poor them I feel so bad hahaha....These paerties consist of dessert tables, bouncey houses, food, centerpieces, table linens, chair covers and bows, popcorn machines, shaved ice, tents, face painters, cake, ice cream, games, goodie bags, candy stations, pinatas, candy, and oh my goodness the list keeps going. According to my mom she says " me and my friends lilke to out do eachother." I totally disagree with her we just love planning parties and actually we share everything we use for parties so it becomes a lot cheaper.
So let me show off this minnie party and all of its details
 dessert table

 minnie centerpieces

 Each table was labeled parts of Disneyland
 Kids table the plates where decorated as minnie's head
 Sidnee waitng in the sun to get her face painted

 the birthday girl Sophie
 the guys doing the potato sack race u had to see this
 Sophie's smash cake
The kids in line for the pinata ready to get dash for some candy
This party was a success and turned out lovely so if you ever need girl ideas for a party you can turn to this section of my blog and get them.  

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