Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Dirty "30"

So as you all know I turned the "dirty 30" and yes its a big year but honestly I wasn't feeling it. First I can't believe I'm 30 I still want to be in my 20's so yeah I'm pretty sad. However it is what it is, so for my 30th birthday we had a bbq at my house with all my family and last weekend went out with some of my friends (some of my besites weren't there) for dinner and drinks. I still had a blast. 
It was at a restaurant lounge called "kimera" in Irvine a pretty classy upscale place with incredible food and drinks.
We socialize, drank, and eat yeah I think that is what you do when you thirty. Not like my 20's stilling partying like a rockstar. But things change and they are for the good.
I am very lucky to be 30 and be blessed with a wonderful husband and 2 lovely girls still much more to accomplish in life looking forward to another 30 years.
Cheers to loving life!!

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  1. So fun! Happy birthday beautiful cousin! You look so pretty in these pics. Can I have your hair?


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