Friday, October 5, 2012

Picture Day

So I can't believe this month my daughter turned 9 months old. Since the day she was born I go get professional pictures of her to put in her scrapbook and of course give some to family. I did the same with Sidnee so I knew I totally wanted to do it with Ava. I just love seeing her grow every month and it makes for a cute scrapbook. And plus I'm not very good at taking pictures or I guess I would be if I had a good camera but I don't so this will do. When she turns '1" I will post them all of every month since I usually forgot to put them on blog. It will be fun to show you all 12 months along with all hoildays that I do as well.
Ummm maybe I will have to do a blog of the 12 months of Miss Sidnee.   
These are Ava's 8 month pictures isn't she a doll? I think so.... brings smiles to my face!!

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