Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday is a special day in our house cause both Tony and I are off work and its a day we spend with the family. This sunday we headed to church around 12:00 ya I know its late but that is about the time we get around. The nice part about living in California we have millions of Catholic churches to go to and Mass at every hour so you can go when ever you like. This last sunday and pretty much every sunday we go either at 11 or 12.
Before we headed into church I had to capture some photos of my beautiful family.
And of course every time we do go to church  they come up to us and tell us to bring the offering down. And let me tell you I been Catholic my entire life and I still do this shit wrong would think I would have it down Nope! its actually embarrassing...
And besides us bring the offering down wrong I can never seem to get the words right in Mass I mean seriously after all these years you have to go and change it on us come on....its only going to take me another 20 years to memorize it...

 No one ever seems to look at the camera at the same time...

Took the kiddos to the park and they had a blast
These moments I can cherish forever I truly just love my girls they are so fun

 She had to get in the baby swing with Ava

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