Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's A Blues Clues Party

Still in October we celebreated my cousins sons 2nd birthday at the park with a blues clues theme. I don't know much about blues clues but I do know theres an annoying dog in the show...hahaha.... Her son loves this show so that was the theme to his party.
They had a jumper, pinata, games ( bubbles, scratch off game to win a prize) a mail box that is in the show as well where you could write a little know to the birthday boy Jakob ( thought was adorable) tons of cupcakes and great food of course ( food never seems to leave my side these days)
Lets start off my pictures with this beautiful daughter of mine doesn't she look like a model here I just can't stand it....
I'm going to be in trouble one day.....



the birthday boy Jakob

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