Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sidnee takes Over

The month of December was taken over my dearly little girl Sidnee. Every week this girl had something to do or I was having her do something at home. She started out by having a Christmas program at school where the kids sang songs to the parents. Was so adorable besides my daughter picking her nose during it hahaha leave it to Sidnee to add some character to the program.
Then she had her dance class show and Christmas party. They put on a little show to "Holly Jolly Christmas" and after had a little party where parents brought goodies for all the kiddos...
Next she was dying to make a gingerbread house this year so I ran to the store to buy her one and we decorated it together.
We baked cookies for santa with tons of sprinkles thank goodness Santa "Daddy" loves sprinkles. We made snowman on paper with cotton balls, decorated the xmas tree, and lastly moved the bear for 25 days until Christmas. Whats move the bear? Well when I was a little girl my grandmas made this quilt that hung on the wall that was a picutre of a house it had our rooms, living room, kitchen, etc and everyday you moved the bear. One the bottom of the quilt it has the 25 days till Christmas listed and each day it says where the bear will be and the last day he ends up in the living room where Christmas is with the Christmas tree. Sidnee had a blast. I would say its much similar to the elf on the shelf all my friends did this year however I decided to do what I did as a child with my girls.
Sidnee with her teacher Mrs. Branch. Having there Christmas party decorating Christmas tree using ice cream cones, frosting, and candy
The day of her Christmas program. She got to enjoy time after with her cousins because they go to the same school....

Sidnee and her Gingerbread hosue

Before her dance class and party

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