Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Special Day to Remember....

This past weekend February 16th me and my hubby celebrated our 5 year anniversary. This is such a speical day to me cause it was the day I truly was marrying my soul mate, my everything, and the man who gave me such beautiful children. He is truly an amazing man that blesses us with so many things words cannot describe. I am one lucky woman to have met this man and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with. Here's to many more happy memories Love....
I love you Tony....
I put up a couple pictures of my wedding and me and my hubby along with our cake picture from our actual wedding day. My hubby always said if you shove the cake in each others face its totally bad luck...well sorry Tony I don't believe that so smash it went. I didn't put that picture up but I did put our cake picture cause I truly just love it.
My last picutre I put up was my moms wedding dress that she marriend my father in. That is such a special dress and on the day of my reherseal I wore her dress walking down the aisle with my hubby to church it was so special. Sorry I didn't have time to look thru pictures to show you "me" in the dress but you get the idea the dress was so adorable I had to take it out in the boob area hahaha considering I have big oh boobies lol....
Happy 5th anniversay to the man of my dreams love you to the moon and back.....

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sidnee's 4th Birthday

My little baby turned "4" I just can't believe it I remember when she was my little chubby baby. Not anymore she is my big girl. 
This year Sidnee wanted a "Strawberry Shortcake Party" which was really exciting cause its so adorable and we all just love strawberries.
Lots of love and fun planning went into this fiesta for my little sunshine. Lots of work for this mamma but so worth it in the end.
Sidnee's attire: Tutu and shirt made by my mom, strawberry tights from "Crazy 8," shoes are from Target
Avalynn's attire: Dress and tights from "Crazy 8"
The colors for this party were red and pink.  I used red table cloths and slipped on pink bows on the chairs to make it simple but "cute". For the centerpieces I purchased pails at Michales put strawberries in them and poked a number "4" out the top that I made with my circuit.
For the dessert table I had an adorable Strawberry Shortcake cake made for the center of the table. Along with the most precious strawberry cookies.
Don't you just love them?
Me, myself, and I made rice krispies, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate dipped pretzels. I added red vines, lolipops, and m&m's that I purchased from the store
I placed up a Strawverry Shortcake backdrop which my mom did by getting Strawberry Shortcake fabric, cutting it into strips and sewing it on a string. This really made the dessert table. Added the touch I really needed. I feel in love again! So beautiful!

  There were lots of activities for the kids which included decorating cupcakes, a coloring station, tattoo station, and a jumpers.
The coloring pages I just printed from online so cheap and easy for the kids to do. I found free Strawberry Shortcake printables just by googling on the computer.
The food we served to our guest consisted of hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, potato salad, fruit, nachos. We always have lots and lots of food.
We ended the night away with the kids hitting the pinata and the adults jumping in to for candy haha cake with Sidnee girl and of course outfit change with her strawberry outfit and "4" shirt and doing presents....
Such a long day of pure fun.
I can't believe its over, such a wonderful time we all had.

Cheers! to another party success and another happy little girl.
Good Night Everyone!!
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