Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our MIni Vacation....

Last weekend we decided to go for a mini vacation to Legoland, the Aquarium, and stay at Legoland Hotel. It was beyond beautiful and such a wonderful day. Legoland is located in Carlsbad which is on the beach so that should explain it all.
Everything in the park is related to legos get it "legoland" hahaha I'm retarded I know. This parrk is targeted to main Sidnee's age all the rides are her height and she goes on them alone which is really fun for her.
We spend most of the day at Legoland and the rest at the Aquarium to look at sea creatures. So it was a busy filled day. We ended the day checking in our hotel which we reserved a pirate theme room which was so cool for the girls. The room came with its own legos, all the decor was pirate theme along with their own pirate theme bunkbeds and own flat screen TV so cute. We had a nice view to the beautiful pool. The elevators where disco theme that played music along with a disco ball in the center of elevator lots of fun.
We ate breakfast one day with the lego characters which was fun for Sidnee and Ava.  
Such a blast weekend!!! by the way don't mind the wheelchair in one of pictures long story another post will have to explain all that.... :)

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