Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY Diaper Cake

Tis' the season for baby showers around the Villalpando family and friends. I have many baby showers to attend in the next couple weeks before the arrive of my bundle of joy makes his or her apperance in this world. So I thought I would make a diaper cake for one special mommy-to-be. I get alot of invitations for showers asking you to bring diapers to be entered in a raffle to win a prize. Such fun more diapers for the mommy!! So instead of just bring a package of diapers I thought I would make a cute diaper cake. They are so easy to make! Diaper cakes are also great to make if you are a host of a shower and want to add some decor to the party. Here is how I  made mine....
Materials Needed:
Diapers ( I used Target brand size 2)
 Fabric or ribbon of your choice
Decorative flower
Cake board
Cake pans
Push pins (to pin fabric to diapers around cake)
1. Pick the brand of diapers you like in size 2 and if you want a package of newborns for the top layer. ( you only use a few so you can save the rest for other cakes in the future).  In this picture I used all size 2 diapers cause I did not have any newborn. Which makes for a smaller cake.
2. Get out 3 cake pans of your choice (I used a 10, 8, 6 pans) as if you were baking a tiered cake.
3. Place the diapers in each cake in a swirl pattern shown in picture (placing diapers next to one another all the way around the pan or roll each one individually.
4. Once your done take it out a little bit and place rubberband around that layer. Continue to make the other two.
5. I had some left over fabric from another diaper cake I made so I used it to wrap around the cake and pin it to back with push pins.You can also use some cute ribbon.
6. Find a cute decorative flower to add a little touch to it. I have also pinned cute shoes to the top as well. ( I don't like to add much to it cause its adorable the way it is) Keep it simple and classy without cluttering it up with baby items is the way to go!!!!
7. Place on a cake board
8. And Your Done!!!!
How adorable is this diaper cake!!!!

Thought I throw in a couple PREGO pics just a reminder to myself that my baby shower is this Saturday and I'm that much closer to having this bundle of joy. And even better I get to find out what I'm having at my shower. Pictures to come!!!!!

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