Saturday, May 4, 2013


These past 8 months have been such a rollarcoaster and beyond busy in our lives that I knew it was time for some much need pictures done of our family. I been loving the whole rustic look that is just taking off everywhere so I knew I wanted to take picutres of the girls in like an outdoor field type of area. My mom got these adorable dresses from etsy and what more to fit with the style of pictures were some cute brown cowboys boots. When I saw this picture of my girls I feel in love it just melted my heart.
Just look how good these girls do in pictures and like my hubby always says its probably due to my obsession of taking pictures of these 2 since they were both born and yeah he probably is so right. I feel like I can't miss anything!!!
 As you scroll down thru the pictures you will notice something funny about myself....Let me just tell you guys if you already didn't know "I'M PREGNANT"  yep thats right I am officially 32 weeks prego and counting down the days until the arrival of my little one.
So I wanted to do maternity pictures as well as family ones being the last of just the 4 of us. I just can't believe it in about 5 to 6 weeks we will be having another little one coming into our lives. We are truly blessed and looking forward to making more memories and watching our family grow....
Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did (maybe not the ones of myself but my girls and hubby love)




  1. Those are so sweet and you look beautiful!!!

  2. I love the last two of you! And the girls! They are just so darn cute! Ava is getting so big. Beautiful family Kati. Party of 5! Are you ready for it!? Love you!


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