Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lovin Me Some Desserts

In three days I will be holding my bundle of joy and seriously I can't wait. In the mean time I been pinteresting it up and looking for ideas for my sons Baptism. I know it's a little to soon but I'm such a planner. While I been on maternity leave a little "bored" you could say I been on the computer messing around! Can you tell? I'm learning to make collages. I'm coming a graphic designer these days. I always look back at Ava's Baptism and it brings tears!! Such a special day I can't even explain. And too think no more pink!! What is a girlie girl to do with a boy and planning boy theme parties. HELP!!
Here is a recap of my daughters georgous dessert table at her party I'm in love all over again!

I'm always making desserts for parties you know me that is how I roll. I think dessert tables were the best thing ever invented. My family and friends go crazy over these desserts. And I am forever looking for fun and new desserts to share with them. My favorite of all times is my moms m&m cookies and my friends rice krispies. I'm all for serving great desserts not just stuff out of a box! I love to cook and bake. I seem to always be getting out my mom and grandma's cookbooks cause there is nothing like have good oldie recipes that were passed down. I promise I will share those recpies with you because you will fall in love all over again. Plus, I make such awesome desserts. Haha.
Can you tell my real passion? Lets guess cooking, baking, and throwing parties. I could do it all day everyday! But that is just unrealistic. 
My best advice for doing favors for a party is FOOD. People love to eat and take home homemade delicious goodies. Nothing can be more simple than making rice krispies with drizzling chocolate on top. Along with chocolate dipped oreos on a stick. Herhery candy bars with a cute printable wrapped around it and there. That day I did give families rosaires that were in a cute box for this special occasion.
So over Easter I was browsing around Target and I captured these adorable blue dresses for my girls. In the back of my mind I had this feeling I was having a boy but really wasn't sure. So I thought I should buy these dresses cause if it was I could have my girls wear these to our sons Baptism. And what do you know they will work out perfectly. I'm having a BOY people yes I am still in shock!

Happy Saturday people!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Banana Muffins

I thought I post one of my favorite recipes of all time and I am speaking for my entire family. We passionately wait for my mom's arrival so she can make banana muffins for the family not only for my hubby, myself, and my girls. But for my cousins, aunts, and uncles as well. We all have been trying to master these babies for years and I'm here to tell you I DID IT!!!! I'm so proud of myself haha. I mean I am my mommys daughter , thats a no brainer!!!
I know your laughing but hey I get a lot of my great qualities from my mama.

1 c. sugar
1/2 c. vegetable shortening
2 eggs beaten well
1-3/4 c. flour
1 c. milk (I like to use whole milk)
2 tbsp. vinegar
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
1 c. mashed banana ( I usually use 3 but 2 is okay as well)
The key to this recipe is making sour milk using the milk and vinegar. Before you mix everything together in a mixer. On the side in 1 cup of milk drop in 2 tablespoons of vinegar and let it sit. You will see it get a little lumpy. That is what you want! Start by mixing sugar, shortening, beaten eggs. Mix together flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Alternate flour mixture and milk in the mixer and lastly mix in the 1 cup of mashed bananas. I just mash them on a plate with a fork and throw them in the mixture. And there you Go!
Place cupcake liners in the pan and fill each one 3/4 full. Bake at 350 degrees for 18 to 20 minutes. Sometimes this can vary depending on your oven. Also when your checking the muffins with a toothpick you never want toothpick to come out clean you want crumbles on it. That is a major key when cooking any muffin, cupcakes or cakes. When it comes out clean it means the muffin was cooked to long. They cook a little more when siting out of oven as well.  So look for crumbles on the toothpick!
And there you go delicious banana muffins that will never leave you disappointed. I feel like I'm a food blogger.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Day of Preschool

This year is a wrap!!! My baby girl or should I say BIG girl is finished with her first year of Preschool. Such a fun year this little one had meeting new friends, having an awesome teacher, fun class parties, and tons of learning. I really had lots of fun as a mommy watching her blossom.
I'm always on Pinterest searching for my next projects! I came across a photo where a mom took pictures of there first day of preschool and last day holding up a sign. I thought it would be such a fun idea to do with my girl. So here you go! My little one is growing up I want to stop the clock this age is so fun. But I think I say that with every age!  
Sidnee's end of the year party was a blast. Ended with pizza and cupcake and a beach bucket full of goodies. Her teacher and class mom filled the kids buckets with coloring books, crayons, bubbles, chalk, books, puzzles, jump ropes, and lots of toys. These kiddos were in heaven. So special and looking forward to another year of preschool next year.
Let's get the summer started! Looking forward to having lots of fun with my girls and having this baby boy in 7 days!!!

Happy Summer to all of You!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to Make Glitter Mason Jar Centerpieces

I am forever getting the question from family and friends on how to make the gold glitter mason jar centerpieces that I used for Ava's Baptism. So I thought I would post a tutorial so you can make them for any special occasion.  It is really simple!! There is also so many other ways to use this glitter mason jar as well. I have seen on Pinterest where people used it as a holder for there make-up brushes. I thought that was very creative and cute to display on the bathroom counter.

Let's get to makin.....

Materials Needed:
 Mason Jars
Glitter (any color your choice, I used gold)
Mod Podge Glue or Elemers Glue
Tulle for bow (if you want, looks good without as well)
Spray Acrylic Sealant
Paint Brush

There is only a couple steps to this project and you will be done. First you have to brush either mod podge or elemers glue all over the jar, I used mod podge. Once you have covered the entire jar with glue sprinkle glitter all over the entire vase. I sprinkled the glitter on the vase over a paper plate so I wouldn't waste any glitter. Once I completed all the jars with glitter I placed some newspaper down so I could spray them with sealant. This is the most important step. If you don't spray them with acrylic sealant the glitter will keep flaking off. We don't want that. So seal it people!!! This could be a good job for the hubby to! I had mine spray the sealant on the jars cause he just knows how to work the spray better than this woman!

And there you go beautiful glitter mason jars...
How easy was that?

Add some beautiful flowers and you have a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion.

Have fun making them!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rustic Birdie Theme Baby Shower

 Last weekend we were off to another baby shower. This was such a special shower because it was for my hubby's best friend. The party was hosted at a beautiful park here in Orange County. The couple knew what they were having however none of the guest knew. They wanted to reveal it at the shower. Such a fun and exciting way to get guests going!
 They had a delicious dessert table along with these amazing onesie cookies that were incredibily good. On the dessert table they served dounuts, cookies, rice krispies, chocolates, and this beautiful 3 tier cake.

The decorations were very simple and elegant. The centerpieces were mason jars wrapped with burlap and filled with babies breath....I hope that is spelled correctly I'm not no spelling B winner we all know that. Pom poms were hung from the top in clusters. There were also gold birdies that were on the tables along with burlap runners that she borrowed from me. 

During the shower to reveal what they were having they opened a box that was filled with balloons, it was so fun and special. I'm still in shock!!! I thought it was GIRL!! Guessed wrong those are blue balloons coming out of that box!!!

Why not have silly faces during the party...I mean come on isn't she adorable. She lights up my world. There is never a dull moment with this little one!!
In the invitation it said to bring a box of diapers so I came up with adorable burlap wrapped diaper cake for her to display at her shower. Fit right in with her theme!
The four of us and seriously my hubby is alwaying grabbing my tummy. Oh that man I love him dearly. Loved this shower and love this couple can't wait for our little ones to grow up together.
That's right me and my sexy hubby! I love him so much don't know what I would do without him. He may be a pain in my a** but I can't live without him.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yellow & Gray Tea Party Baby Shower

Last Saturday my cousins surprised me with the most beautiful baby shower anyone could ask for. The theme of the party was a tea party in the colors of yellow & gray. When I walked into the party I was speechless my cousins out did themselves and made my day beyond special. I loved every minute of it and more.
The nice party of this shower was I was finally able to go to party where I didn't have to help. I got to enjoy the entire day with family and friends and not do a thing!!
This was so beautiful to walk into! My cousins made these umbrella chandeliers that hung above the tables. Each person had there own place setting. Pictures of my maternity shoot with my hubby and girls were put up everywhere and placed in frames on the tables along with flowers.
Each guest took home a body scrub that was hand made by my cousins.



There was a dessert table, food table, and drink station. The desserts consists of all kinds of cookies, chocolate covered pretzels & marshmellows, scones, cupcakes, and the cake. The food was all tea party food that included stuffed mushrooms, salads, deviled eggs, sandwhiches, fruit, veggie & dip, bread slices with a veggie spread, and quiche. The food was out of this world. I think I made my way to the food table a couple of times eating the delicious chicken salad sandwiches. Can't wait to share  that recipe with you!! The drink station included tea, lemonade, and water.

Instead of a traditional guest book. Guests stamped there thumb on the tree and signed there name on their thumb! Going to be a great addition to my little ones room.

Diaper cake that was made my cousin Ronda to add to the decor of the present table.
Silly me in front of the present table!!
Other parts of the party included a photo booth with props! My cousins boyfriend was in charge of taking pictures of us silly girls during the party! The wooden bench was full of kid activities like play dough, bubbles, coloring books, and puzzles to keep the kiddos busy. At the end of the party my cousin annoucned that the wooden bench was my gift for me to have for my new home. This way I would have a new kids table for all my parties. It was not stained at the party they wanted to ask me what color I wanted. Don't I have the best cousins ever??

Fun games consisted of who wore the best hat, decorating bibs, diaper raffle, weather my little one is a boy or girl?, well wishes to the baby, and finishing nursery rhymns that were beyond difficult haha. I think having a diaper raffle is such a great idea because you end up with boxes of diapers. I pretty much have a garage full for little one.  
One special gift I recieved was from my mom who made monthly onesies so I could take pictures of my little one every month. So excited because having three kids I knew it would be hard to go get pictures done monthly. Saves me money too!!


IT'S A BOY!!!!!
Can you see my face I think I was a little stunned this whole time I was thinking it was girl! Such a wonderful surprise and blessing. I just loved the idea of having the gender revealed at the shower my family and friends were going crazy and screaming! Such a fun time....
Was such a great party and am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. The party was amazing and every single detail was so thoughful! Couldn't be more happier! Now the count down begins almost 37 weeks and am ready to have this little boy in my arms!
Love u all!!!!

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