Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How to Make Glitter Mason Jar Centerpieces

I am forever getting the question from family and friends on how to make the gold glitter mason jar centerpieces that I used for Ava's Baptism. So I thought I would post a tutorial so you can make them for any special occasion.  It is really simple!! There is also so many other ways to use this glitter mason jar as well. I have seen on Pinterest where people used it as a holder for there make-up brushes. I thought that was very creative and cute to display on the bathroom counter.

Let's get to makin.....

Materials Needed:
 Mason Jars
Glitter (any color your choice, I used gold)
Mod Podge Glue or Elemers Glue
Tulle for bow (if you want, looks good without as well)
Spray Acrylic Sealant
Paint Brush

There is only a couple steps to this project and you will be done. First you have to brush either mod podge or elemers glue all over the jar, I used mod podge. Once you have covered the entire jar with glue sprinkle glitter all over the entire vase. I sprinkled the glitter on the vase over a paper plate so I wouldn't waste any glitter. Once I completed all the jars with glitter I placed some newspaper down so I could spray them with sealant. This is the most important step. If you don't spray them with acrylic sealant the glitter will keep flaking off. We don't want that. So seal it people!!! This could be a good job for the hubby to! I had mine spray the sealant on the jars cause he just knows how to work the spray better than this woman!

And there you go beautiful glitter mason jars...
How easy was that?

Add some beautiful flowers and you have a beautiful centerpiece for any occasion.

Have fun making them!!

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