Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lovin Me Some Desserts

In three days I will be holding my bundle of joy and seriously I can't wait. In the mean time I been pinteresting it up and looking for ideas for my sons Baptism. I know it's a little to soon but I'm such a planner. While I been on maternity leave a little "bored" you could say I been on the computer messing around! Can you tell? I'm learning to make collages. I'm coming a graphic designer these days. I always look back at Ava's Baptism and it brings tears!! Such a special day I can't even explain. And too think no more pink!! What is a girlie girl to do with a boy and planning boy theme parties. HELP!!
Here is a recap of my daughters georgous dessert table at her party I'm in love all over again!

I'm always making desserts for parties you know me that is how I roll. I think dessert tables were the best thing ever invented. My family and friends go crazy over these desserts. And I am forever looking for fun and new desserts to share with them. My favorite of all times is my moms m&m cookies and my friends rice krispies. I'm all for serving great desserts not just stuff out of a box! I love to cook and bake. I seem to always be getting out my mom and grandma's cookbooks cause there is nothing like have good oldie recipes that were passed down. I promise I will share those recpies with you because you will fall in love all over again. Plus, I make such awesome desserts. Haha.
Can you tell my real passion? Lets guess cooking, baking, and throwing parties. I could do it all day everyday! But that is just unrealistic. 
My best advice for doing favors for a party is FOOD. People love to eat and take home homemade delicious goodies. Nothing can be more simple than making rice krispies with drizzling chocolate on top. Along with chocolate dipped oreos on a stick. Herhery candy bars with a cute printable wrapped around it and there. That day I did give families rosaires that were in a cute box for this special occasion.
So over Easter I was browsing around Target and I captured these adorable blue dresses for my girls. In the back of my mind I had this feeling I was having a boy but really wasn't sure. So I thought I should buy these dresses cause if it was I could have my girls wear these to our sons Baptism. And what do you know they will work out perfectly. I'm having a BOY people yes I am still in shock!

Happy Saturday people!


  1. I love your idea board! My daughter will have her baptism in 2 months and I'm looking for my themes too! I thought I was crazy to start this early. Do you happen to have the recipe for the chocolate covered oreo? I'm an oven virgin and I think the oreo is something that I could do.

    1. Of course! All u do is purchase Oreos and sticks that u can get at any cake store like micheals. Also purchase whatever color chocolate melts u like u can get there as well. Melt chocolate microwave dip stick place between Oreo. Once dry dip entire cookie in chocolate and lay on wax paper to dry! It's really simple and then I got some cute sprinkles to sprinkle on top!

  2. how many bags of chocolates didju need for the oreos?

  3. Where did you find the beautiful crosses and ribbon for the Oreo pops?


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