Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Little Man...

My baby boy is now a month old and yes, I'm just now getting around to share his 6 day old pictures with you all. Lots of sleepless nights, diaper changing, feedings, and lots of cuddles are taking place in this house. With a 4 year old and a 1 year old it seems there is no time to do anything. But like any mommy would say "you wouldn't change it for the world"
I keep wondering to myself when will the day come ,that I won't be wearing my pj's all day or should I say wearing my hubby boxers all day long!! Yep that is me right now. Lovely I know... 
Practically coming home from the hosptial I had to gear up my gang to go take pictures of my little guy Max and my girls. That was a chore in itself. Getting everyone ready, bag packed, clothes, snacks, drinks, outfits, oh my gosh help!! Thanks to my hubby who is so supportive and helps me with my obsession with photos I was able to get these lovely photos done by a friend. They totally melt my heart.  
My girls are so proud to have a brother, its precious to see the bond they have and how much the girls love him. I think most of our day consists of how many times they can hold him and who can give him the most kisses. So fun to watch!
Here are some pictures from our lovely newborn session.
Take a deep breath...
your heart is going to me I'm not kidding
I do have the cutest kiddos ever, like every mommy says
but no really I do...
look and see...



Monday, July 22, 2013

Were home...

 After being in the hospital for 4 days, I was ready to get home to my family
eat a good meal, sleep in my own bed, and have some sweet cuddle time with my girls...
I still have a lot more time to recover from this c-section but I was so ready to be home.
When I arrived home my hubby surprised me with this adorable stork that sat in front of our home. I was still not feeling well, really sore, and in pain so when I saw this it brought a smile to my face. I'm such a sucker for cutesy things like this and my hubby knows it. He knew how much pain I was in this time around and probably felt I better get something to cheer my wifey up. And thats right, all the pain we woman go through they better do a little something for us haha...

Look how cute this stork is...I mean come on, who wouldn't want to show off there new bundle of joy!

I love the little stars that go in the grass saying "proud big sister."  They truly are proud sisters!

Me and my kiddos posing in front of the stork. Let me just say trying to take a picture with 3 kiddos can be very difficult. If only my 1 year old Ava would stand in one place for a second we could capture a great photo. But that's a NEGATIVE...And then you have Sidnee saying "the sun is in my eyes" ughhh....

That's the best we can do folks...cheers to mommy and her kiddos!!

Such a fun company they even sent a package of personalize candy bars with Maxwell's name, wieght, and date of birth. They place it in front of your home for 7 days or more. After 7 days they come pick it up, leaveing me the stars with my girls name on it along wtih Maxwell's sign. A fun keepsake!

Wait something just came to mind as I am writng this, wouldn't it be cute to display the birth sign at there first birthday some where or use at parties...I'm thinking!! I have to be able to re-use those.

think think..

well maybe you will be seeing them in up coming parties..

Hope you all had a happy Monday

today is the first day day I'm alone with my 3 kiddos with no help of family..

will see how this goes...will let u know :) 

Check out this cute website for Storks

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meet Our Angel

He is here! Our Angel has arrived

This moment that seem like eternity....

I been longing and hoping for this day....

I'm a mommy to not just 2 girls but a BOY now, I'm in love all over again

Maxwell Angel Villalpando
June 25 2013
6 pounds 12 ounces
19.5 inches
St. Joesph Hospital

Meeting this little one brought such sweetness to my heart. The moment Dr. Anzaldo told me it was a handsome boy I could not with hold my tears of joy. A moment that was undescribable. The moment I wish it would last for not seconds or minutes but hours! Once I held him I new it was not for even hours but a lifetime.

Maxwell in our room enjoying the beautiful life of sleeping...

Sidnee meeting her brother for the first time. Poor little Ava didn't get to meet her brother until the day we arrived home. The darn flu going around and little miss Ava had it. When we arrived home she could not get enough of him though.
Proud daddy moments with his son. Can see the love between them already. Daddy and son bonding time!
Tony pushing the lullabye button leaving the recovery room in the hospital. Everytime a baby is delivered a mommy or daddy gets to ring the lullabye button that plays a lullabye song over the entire hospital signaling, there has been yet another baby born. This is so beautiful, no matter where you are in the hospital you can hear this song.  
Maxwell's Brith Story:
This birth is somewhat emotional for me because it brings back a lot of memories of my "Angel" who was once with us. A time that I will never forget! A story yet I never told until now...
It was 3 years ago that God blessed us with a our 1st baby boy. A sweet little boy name "Junior" after my hubby. One saturday evening I went into spontaneous labor and delivered a baby boy at 26 weeks. He weighed 2 pounds 1 ounce and he was the cutest thing you had ever seen in your life. Emotions were flying everywhere. Why did he come early? Is he going to make it? Why me? Is this really happening? It all was kind of blur to me at the moment. He was sent to CHOC Children's Hospital were he was on a breathing machine because he could not breath by himself. CHOC is right next to where I delievered so they would transfer me back and forth to visit him. After being in the hospital for 2 days my little one was just not ready, he was struggling and we could see it. He was just not ready to be in the outside world with us. After a long 2 days in the hospital Junior was ready to be with the man above. He was just not strong enough and we knew it. The day we said goodbye was one of the hardest day of our lives. A day that either me or my hubby will never forget. The day I learned a knew meaning of life and love. With such amazing family and friends were able to pull through such a hard time. The love me and my hubby had for each other allowed us to get through this hard time, and at times I have to say it was extermely hard. Our emotions were all over the place. This is a time in our life that we will never forget yet always remember and always share with our children, they once had a brother that is now in heaven. And to this day we always get together on his birthday and spend time as a family, going to the cemetry and going out to eat just us together! It's a day we get to bond and be with our children ,what life is all about.
This leads me to Maxwell's story that day we found out we were having a boy. The day we could not believe God was blessing us with another yet beautiful sweet baby boy.
It was perfect timing cause I knew now I was emotionally ready to have a baby boy. A year after Junior left us I was blessed with another baby girl and I was truly so happy I knew God thought we weren't quite ready for a baby boy yet. And he was so correct.
Maxwel arrived on June 25 at St. Joesph's Hosipal around 8 in morning. It was truly the most amazing birth. It was different from girls, a moment I can't describe.
On the morning of June 25 my c-section was planned for 7 in morning. I arrived at the hospital 2 hours early so they could prep me. I sat there getting anxious and excited yet nervous as heck ready to meet my little boy.
I started to cry!! And my nurse Diane and my Dr. Anzaldo come in and say to me "don't cry your little boy will be here anytime"
With my first child Sidnee, I had a vaginal birth with no drugs. After having my baby boy Junior, an emergency c-section I was advised to have c-sections with all my other children. When I delievered Ava they put me asleep so I was not able to see her being born. When I was a little girl I had rods put in my back to straighten it because I had scolosis. So with Ava they told me I was not able to get a spinal tap because it would not work. Was a sad moment but wanted the best for the both of us.
This was the first time I was going to have a c-section and able to be awake.  The anatesoligist said he would try, he could not guarntee it would work but he would do his best. Well guess what people they tried it on me this time, after like 10 minutes of trying it worked.
That's right baby! It worked!! The best feeling ever I was going to see this little man awake...yay!!!
The spinal tap worked and let me say it was the most weirdest thing ever. Not being able to move your legs I thought I was going to have a break down. I am thinking to myself how do woman do this. Then I kept thinking am I going to walk again? I was scared to death and I knew my hubby was to for me too. I could see it on his face. But all I kept saying as well as the nurses around me...Your awake you get to see this all happen!!!
As my Dr. Anzaldo and my nurses are jamming out to music singing, praising "she is awake" I'm thinking to myself is he here yet?

And before you know it...
 over the curtains

come this blonde hair "white boy" I tell my hubby. My hubby's response, "he ain't no white boy" haha..
I cried like a baby!!! Omg hes beautiful...
He was more than perfect!
A day I would never forget...
God works in so many ways and we are truly blessed to have 2 healthy girls and 1 healthy boy.

Couldn't wait to bring this little one home

peacefully sleeping in his bouncey already.....

I love him more than words can express...

I love you Maxwell and am so happy to be your Mommy

You are truly going to be a "Mama's Boy"

I don't care what your Daddy says...

Love you dearly,

your Mommy xoxoxo

P.S sorry for all the misspelling and sentences that don't make sense I'm one tired mommy!!! I tired my best...

Monday, July 1, 2013

BABY #3 Hospital Bag

How fun is it getting your hospital bag ready. In all my pregnancies I can't wait for this day. It means in time I will be holding my bundle of joy and living one of the best moments of my life.

I never been one to pack a great bag for the hospital. It's only taken me to have 3 kiddos to finally know what to bring and what is a waste.

I been noticing all over the Pinterest that woman post their favorite "must haves" for their hospital bag however I never seen one for us C-section mommies. What about us girls did they forget us?

So I thought I would write a post on my favorite "must haves" for C-section mommies like myself who have had a C-section as well as a vaginal birth.

Here are some favorite items I packed in my bag. I put in lots of BLUE cause I'm having a boy this time. YAY!! All the baby items come in girl colors as well. Enjoy my bag! 

 For a C-section delivery you have to count on being in the hospital for 3-4 days for recover I know sounds like a long time. It is...and trust me the last day you are begging to go home or a least I was. I was beyond over it!!
Your must haves for your baby are:
1. Bobby/Nursing Pillow for breastfeeding (only if you plan on doing it)
2. Aiden and Anis Swaddle blankets (or any other kind you enjoy)
3. Blanket for baby depending on time of year your having a baby. (Found this awesome blanket at and it says Max and my son's name is going to be Maxwell so in love)
4. Comfy hospital outfits for your baby and one for going HOME (onesies, sleep sacks, sleepers with footies)
5. Mittens so they don't scratch themselves
6. CARSEAT a totally must!

My favorite mommy "must haves" are:
1. Comfy Pajamas- I got these black knit PJ's at Target. There awesome cause your incision is still going to hurt and want something comfy to move around in and won't irriate it.
2. Slippers
3. Robe -so you can take a shower and relax
4. Nursing Tank Tops - these are comfy and easy for breastfeeding. I wear these a lot when I get home as well. Got these at Target.
5. Yoga Pants- these are so darn comfy you don't even know. I got these black yoga pants at Target. These are great and soft so they dont bother your incision. They are nice to cause they hold in your tummy. Cause let me tell you your incision even hurts when you cough or laugh. :( I wear these a lot after the baby. These are a total must I even wear them during pregnancy.
6. Comfy V-Neck T-Shirts- I got these at Target too. I like to wear my nursing tank tops and wear my comfy t-shirts over them. Make sure you buy a larger size so that its a little baggy and more comfy for your little tummy you will still have a BUMP.
7. Socks- keep those feet warm if not they do supply them at the hospital and they are comfy as well.
8. Panties- got these cute and comfy panites at Target. However I do wear those mesh undies they give you at the hospital for the first few days because they just are more comfortable and easy to wear when you have a huge pad on haha.
9. Make-up Bag- I fill this baby up with make-up, toothbrush, toothpaste, deordant, hair clips, nursing pads, pads (I usually steal some from hospital haha) lotion, body soap, shampoo/condition, blowdryer, and curling iron/flat iron. I bring styling tools cause honestly after a couple days you just feel like getting ready but that is up to you on that part.
10. Summer Maxi Dress- these are awesome for a coming home outfit especially when your having a baby in the summer. So beyond comfy and looks adorable. Got this at Target
11. Sandals- to wear home had these already got them at Target as well.
Can you tell I think I went a little overboard at Target but hey got some cute comfy clothes to make me a happy mommy! And with my last daughter I didn't bring comfy pajamas so I headed to Target this time around and looked and tried on things that would make me feel good while I am there. ACCOMPLISHED!
These 3 items were a must to put in your bag for both daddy and mommy. Mom's dont forget your camera, phone, chargers, and Ipad. I don't care what anyone says I can forget all the stuff I have listed for mommy and baby and just worry about these. You need pictures to cherish forever! These types of moments are priceless and only last for seconds. I put camera and iphone or phone in there cause honestly I just take pictures with my phone cause they are so darn good with the iphone. But some like to bring the big camera for a day or 2 after surgery to take pics of baby. The ipad is for you to have while staying in hospital and keep you busy not like your taking care of a newborn or anything. SO DON'T FORGET ladies!

There are probably some other things people pack while staying that I haven't....and things you might not like or think I'm crazy. But this is how I do it :) If you are pregnant and packing hope this helps you!

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